New first lady Michelle Obama is a young, stylish, beautiful and successful corporate attorney from humble south-side-of-Chicago beginnings. In other words, she’s just like ancient yankee matron aristocrat Barbara Bush.

That’s the startling conclusion of the NYT “Fashion & Style” section, which took a break from covering Paultards and Survivalists this week to favorably compare the wife of America’s first black to win a presidential nomination with the white-haired old crone who cackled in glee when the blacks were flooded out of New Orleans. Okay, so maybe there’s a slight, Spock-with-a-goatee reverse resemblance. [New York Times]

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  1. Oh, yes, what a resemblance. Because Babs was the VERY FIRST FIRST LADY EVER WEAR SLIM-CUT DRESSES AND LARGE PEARLS. Yup, can’t think of any other elegant first ladies AT ALL who wore well-tailored clothing.

    Also, the flip haircut – very Bush. And their body types are so very similar. By God, they’re like twins!

  2. That Barbara Bush article has a flashback to our favorite prostitute of the hour!

    White House press secretary Scott McClellan defended Mrs. Bush’s comments thus: “I think that the observation is based on someone or some people that were talking to her that were in need of a lot of assistance, people that have gone through a lot of trauma and been through a very difficult and trying time. And all of a sudden, they are now getting great help in the state of Texas from some of the shelters.”

  3. Look at that picture of her in orange in the Times article and tell me you’re not literally in love with her. This part was pretty WTF:

    But it was particularly the color Michelle Obama chose Tuesday night that seemed symbolically rich, even if its message may have been so subtle as to be subliminal.

    “I don’t know if that’s something they consciously thought about,” said Mr. Anthony, referring to the fact that purple is, as every schoolchild knows, created by mixing the primary colors red and blue.

    Yeah, that’s what’s going to make Barry win the election.

  4. She will never wear pantsuits. This is upsurd. The NYT has a fork up its ass. The fucking editors are P.O’ed that their endorsement didn’t fly. Even after that little “stint” last week where they finally admitted Hillary is not in fact human, there is still this strange obsession with coining new faces on America’s Hottest Ebony (TM). Fuck you New York Times. Straight to hell with you.

  5. [re=10671]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: Where does it say anything about pantsuits?

    Also, are we allowed to compare Cindy McCain to Nancy Reagan? I’m worried too many people would think that was a good thing.

  6. [re=10674]ronaldpagan[/re]: The entire article is about style, and she doesn’t wear any fucking pantsuits. If you find a recent pantsuit photo, I will give you many prizes.

  7. [re=10672]Inadequate Blackmail[/re]: Was that around the same time that Lil’ Georgie Bush was bumping coke off a mirror with an Allman Brothers logo on it?

  8. [re=10677]shortsshortsshorts[/re]: You confuse me. But I concur. She does not wear pantsuits.

    [re=10676]Tits_LaRue[/re]: Oh right I always forget about the coke! Next they will have an article comparing Bear-Bear to W!

  9. [re=10674]ronaldpagan[/re]: Cindy and Nancy, both anorexic raisins but one says ‘just say nope,’ the other says ‘just say dope.’ Cindy is more delirious, Nancy arch-imperious.

  10. I’m mildly confused about who is from our universe here and who are the evil mirror versions. Does this mean mirror Obama has the tantalus field and has been using it to pick off his enemies one by one, explaining his inexplicable victory over Hillary? Or have the repubs been the evil masters of the Terran Empire all along and Karl Rove is the device’s master? And how do I get back to my universe?

  11. “Cind and Nancy”

    Ok, SAT Analogy time:

    Cindy McCain is to Nancy Reagan
    Michelle Obama is to Barbara Bush
    Bill Clinton is to

    a) Pat Nixon
    b) Ladybird Johnson
    c) Hillary Clinton
    d) Dolly Madison Snack Cakes and Fried Pies

  12. [re=10679]ronaldpagan[/re]: It’s a fairly obvious campaign strategy for Barry.
    Hillary= Pantsuits
    Michelle= No Pantsuits
    The Fashion folk cling to this kind of shit.

    [re=10684]Inadequate Blackmail[/re]: Definitely a.) and b.), after long consideration.

  13. [re=10679]ronaldpagan[/re]: I’m sure Old Dubs doesn’t clearly remember all the coke Young Dubs was doing, either!
    [re=10684]Inadequate Blackmail[/re]: e) Billy Carter: eating d) while fucking a)

  14. [re=10684]Inadequate Blackmail[/re]: I got it! It’s (f) Geraldine Ferraro. The same thing I am writing in for president, come November.

  15. Sorry, I don’t mean to change the subject, but if you haven’t been here recently:

    Barry: PRESUMPTIVE nominee (none of this “projected” bullshit)
    Hillary: OUT

    Damn it feels good to be a gangsta.

    PS: To attempt to tie it back in, this is why we’re talking about fashion now.

  16. [re=10692]ronaldpagan[/re]: I just had a dream that we already had a daily briefing and you and I left comments. When I woke up it was gone! I can’t remember the details but there was some kind of a 4-way with you, me, Ken and Al Franken.

  17. Michelle, Barbara “White as They Come” Bush…humm…could they be sisters? Damn straight! Sisters from another mister!

    But srsly, FTW New York Times?! Compare my silky chocolately smooth Michelle to another wrinkly-ass racist cracka’ again and I’ll pop a cap in yo’ ass! You got it?!

  18. [re=10696]Darehead[/re]: Weird…I have no recollection of any such thing.

    [re=10699]AudicityofHope[/re]: Audicity! I missed you girl! Where were you all weekend? What did you think of Hillary’s speech?

  19. [re=10700]ronaldpagan[/re]: Hey Ronald! I haven’t been on the internetz all weekend.

    I was going to write something on the Hillz speech thread, but after 400+ comments, I figured people had stopped reading it. I thought it was a gracious speech, considering that it was given by a Clinton. She could have emphasized more the importance of voting for Barack and not voting for evil McCadaver to her bitter women supporters. Overall, though, I thought it was nice. I was kinda’ upset that I didn’t see that flabby armed gay guy behind her again; he was probably at home slitting his wrists.

    BTW, my weekend has not been sufficiently filled with its average dose of Bear-Bear. Saturday: All about Hillz. Sunday: Still talking about Hills. No Barack!! Audicity ANGRY!!!

  20. [re=10701]AudicityofHope[/re]: Yeah, pretty much where I stand. I thought it was her best speech ever, but I was still pissed that she barely had anything to say about Barack that was specific to him instead of generic “We need a Democrat in the White House.” It seemed like she did make it clear to the Bitterettes how disastrous it would be to vote for a Republican, and I hope she straight-up yells at them at some point. Clinton anger is so nice when it’s directed at the right people.

    Anyway, back to the point…there may have been very little Bear-Bear in the news, but at least we get to see some especially fierce pictures of Michelle.

  21. Oh god, Michelle is so fucking hot. And fierce! I can’t even contribute anything substantive about her, because every time I see her all I can think is om nom nom nom.

  22. [re=10702]ronaldpagan[/re]: This is true. Michelle can wear just about anything, or nothing, and look fabulous. Everyone’s been beating the “fist pound/ bump” to death, but have yet to mention how HOT she looked (also, Barack totally patted her ass after the “pound”, but did any pundit care to talk about that? No.) Tyra Banks better watch her back ’cause Michelle is in ‘da house now!

  23. On top of all their other evildoings, the Obamas clearly have put a chemical in our lattes that is making us all turn homosexual. So many women falling for Michelle, so many guys falling for Barry….

  24. [re=10707]Darehead[/re]: Naw, they’ve turned us all bi. I want to be the white meat in an Obama sandwich.

    PS: That’s weird that Wonkette’s news briefing was predicated on it being hours earlier than 5, but now it is 5:30 here and it’s still not there. So confusing.

  25. [re=10714]ronaldpagan[/re]: OK, I swear we already had a brief daily briefing, and then it disappeared. Save me someone, I know it was there! But poof! Thing disappeared like a 12-year-old Paultard.

  26. [re=10716]Darehead[/re]: You must have dozed off…are 12-year-old Paultards a recurring motif in your dreams? You should get help with that.

  27. [re=10717]ronaldpagan[/re]: You’re so cute when you tease…see, proof is on Google still:

    Daily Briefing: It’s 5 a.m. Somewhere. Liberal clown Al Franken is now the Democrat candidate for Norm Coleman’s Senate seat because … who cares? [Minnesota Public Radio]; Poor people … By Ken Layne No Views. Tagged:. daily brieging … – 2 hours ago –

  28. One time in high school, a bunch of us convinced this girl that another girl in our class was a figment of her imagination, like in “A Beautiful Mind.” That was really funny.

  29. [re=10721]Johnny_Zhivago[/re]:
    She’s his wife… [slap] She’s his mother… . [slap] She’s his wife… [slap] She’s his mother… . [slap]

    Johnny_Zhivago: I said I want the truth!

    She’s his wife AND his mother! …

  30. …or it could be because purple is the royal color or maybe it’s an hommage to the film “The Color Purple” or maybe it’s just because she looks good in purple. Which she does.

  31. [re=10776]Botswana Meat Commission FC[/re]: I think “Guy Trebay” is the host of the new Jeopardy! “I’ll take ridiculously inappropriate analogies of political wives for $200, Guy.” I have noticed, however, that George W. Bush is remarkably similar to a steaming dog turd.

  32. I don’t understand this editorial at all. It’s a scientifically proven fact that Barbara Bush is a robot.

    The 5am briefing seems to have been restored.

  33. god, why is the press so mean to michelle? nobody deserves to be compared to babs bush, apparently guy trebay didn’t get barry’s memo about laying off his wife, he’ll be knocking on his door with that giant stick of his shortly. there’s been a serious lack of barry news on here this weekend, no mention of barry the pervert spending the night with little girls at his chicago madrassa, and worst of all nothing on those gloriously dorky pics of barry riding his bike. shame on you wonkette editors, shame on you! enough with the walnuts “rallies” and the big hillz speeches, meet me in ohio and uh…oops you get the point.

  34. Why do you Barry people assume that Hillary people will vote for McCain?
    Just because we didn’t support your Bear-Bear doesn’t mean that we’re not Democrats!

    Sheesh! Way to be gracious winners!

  35. [re=10669]Darehead[/re]: I really don’t want to think about anything of Bar’s “flopping”, thank you very much.

    Ken, I don’t think you stretched out that “Bizarro Michelle” photo enough to be accurate.

  36. [re=10707]Darehead[/re]: Right? Quite an evil scheme to embrace “San Francisco Values”…If they show that pic of Barry getting off the plane again (esp. if he has that cigarette in his mouth) on here, I’ll never touch a woman again. DAMN YOU OBAMAS!

  37. [re=10893]DemmeFatale[/re]: Um, you’re kidding, right? I assume you must be, since a third of the news coverage has been about how a quarter of Clintonites are voting McCain in protest.

    Please forgo the lectures on being gracious winners until these Clinton supporters stop threatening to vote for WALNUTS, ‘kay? Any Democrat should be jumping down the throat of these loons.

  38. [re=11027]Cicada[/re]: No, I’m not kidding. Just because some loud-mouth assholes are getting a “third” of the news coverage, doesn’t mean a “quarter” of Hillary people will vote for McBush.

    But continue to demonize Clinton and her supporters, it’s SO constructive.

    (A five word sentence is a lecture?)

  39. [re=10722]Hotflashingfobama[/re]:
    Neither of you will ever be able to visit the zoo or circus again without thinking of Barbara Bush! lolz

  40. [re=11175]DemmeFatale[/re]: I’m not “demonizing” (nice hyperbolic language, BTW)Clinton’s supporters. I’m “demonizing” the idiots at sites like this:

    That site is freaky. As long as there are Clinton “supporters” claiming that Obama wants to enslave white people, I reserve the right to make fun of them. Take a look over at Taylor Marsh, these folks are seriously pissed that Hillary dared to ask for party unity. They are saying she was ‘blackmailed’ by the DNC.

    For the record, I don’t think they represent the majority of Clinton supporters (obviously, from the polling data). They are the Democratic equivalent of the Paultards that everyone has had such a field day making fun of.

    We’re allowed to make fun of Obamabots that think he’s the messiah. Why not Hilltards that believe in a DNC plot headed up by Donna Brazile to hand the party over to the anti-American radical left?

    And yes, it was only five words, but it certainly was a lecture. I’m sorry if you think I’m a sore winner.

  41. Michelle and Barack Obama do not represent us, rather the CFR (both are members) and Bilderberg Group
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