Welcome to Wonkette’s Hillary Clinton Graduation Pool Party! We have many “hot dogs” for you to eat, and Miller High Life for the adults. But oh, where is the graduate herself, Hillary Clinton? According to the teevee, she is “at least 10 minutes late.” And she’s supposed to deliver the commencement address, just like she did at Wellesley in 1969, a speech bursting with such Boomer idealism and brilliance that it made her national headlines. And then she married Bill Clinton, a shit. Let’s liveblog Hillary’s second commencement address, in which she will endorse Barack Obama, and start her Second Life.

12:09 — Now she is at least 30 minutes late. MSNBC has a camera on her car, in the driveway of some rich neighborhood. It’s funny! Keith Olbermann is very upset about the lateness, because he didn’t prepare enough snide comments to last another half-hour. Maybe he should use the time to apologize for going overboard and making ladies support John McCain. Maybe Keith supports John McCain! Tim Russert is talking about Samuel Tilden, another epic loser in American history.
12:12 — Ha ha, Ron Allen, who covers Clinton for MSNBC along with Andrea Mitchell, says Clinton is late today “because she’s always late,” and then he bitches for a while about how she’s late to everything. Ron Allen will miss his job!
12:15 — Hey, we know why Hillary is late. She’s sucking her Crown Royal bottle, staring at her Valium bottle on the coffee table, wondering if she should take a second, thinking, “How the fuck did I lose to this?”:

12:20 — Goddamnit Keith, can you please stop making pantsuit jokes on national teevee?
12:22 — Chris Matthews is talking about “The Nut,” meaning the “nut graf” in journalism speak, but also meaning “Truck Nutz.”
12:23 — Ooh, Rachel Maddow! Hey Rachel: big sale on truck nutz.
12:25 — Pat Buchanan says exiting a race is hard, and he lost, what, four? But he can’t imagine what it’s like to lose to a Negro.
12:26 — Ooh, Eliot Spitzer and his wife Silda get in the car! Oh wait, that’s Hillary’s car, it’s moving! (To Denver).
12:30 — A bald man says that they will probably make Monday or Tuesday night at the convention “Hillary Night.” Every night is Hillary Night! Oh God, now he says there might be “Clintonian Wiggle Room” in this speech. Meaning, Hillary is going to try to declare Thursday night at the convention “Hillary Night.”
12:35 — While we wait, check out this ad I saw on Obama-loving Drudge Report last night:

Is that the Brer Rabbit? “Th-at’s Not Ch-ange We-ee Can Be-lie-ee-ve In.”
12:38 — What is the National Building Museum? It sounds Sexist, and looks Fascist. Bueno!
12:40 — Obama is playing golf right now, in Chicago. It’s the beginning of the end.
12:41 — There she is, getting out of her gas-guzzling SUV with her family. Her outfit looks very dark! It is 400 degrees in Washington, D.C. today, so pit-sweat could be an issue, even if she’s indoors.
12:45 — Receiving line: Bill hugs an old man and OH MY GOD TALKS TO A HOT BLONDE AND KISSES HER CHEEK. Todd Purdum of Vanity Fair, where are you for this!
12:46 — She’s starting. Let’s see what she has to say.
12:47 — Aww, she’s already crying. We believe it this time.
12:48 — She thanks her fans for arguing with their neighbors.
12:49 — And the people who contributed.
12:49 — And the Moms and Dads who moved to Outer Space just to canvass, for her.
12:50 — Ha ha, of course, the people who gave up their trip to Disneyworld (Florida!) for which they’d been saving “for two years” to campaign for her (after she lost) in Pennsylvania.
12:51 — She thanks The Gays, like Harriet Christian.
12:53 — Oh here it comes.
12:53 — She says let’s make Barack Obama President of the United States! Let’s say, 30% boos, 70% cheers?
12:54 — She has seen Obama in 22 debates, and 4 years in the Senate, and he’s sump’m else, he’s great, he’s been a wonderful part of this “race.” Ha ha, just kidding.
12:56 — Man, she is speaking about 25% faster than usual. “We’re all Democrats want health care economy end Iraq lower gas save money buy prescriptionsdrugsfoodleftoverinsurance.”
12:58 — “I’ve been involved in politics or public life in one way or another for four decades.” What an achievement! I’m working on my third.
12:59 — She says how shitty Democrats have been at winning the White House, except for Bill (who never won a majority of the popular vote).
1:01 — There it is: she says “Yes We Can!” No smiles, but who can blame her? She’s so used to “Yes We Will.”
1:02 — Ooh, Huma shot!
1:02 — We have to elect Barack Obama president! She’s saying it repeatedly! Ways to go, Hilz.
1:04 — Yikes! “Can an African-American be president? We have to answer that one!” That would be the “Clintonian Wiggle Room,” but whatever.
1:05 — She wants to build an America that respects all Women. She ran as a Mother who Worries About Her Daughter (who lives a comfortable life destroying the world at a hedge fund).
1:07 — It is unremarkable to have a woman run for president, she says, and “that is truly remarkable.” It is! Plenty of ladies can run, in any election, forever.
1:09 — Ha ha, WTF? She says “The fiftieth woman on earth is in space,” or something? Then she says we can shoot women into space. Maybe Hillary should consid– too easy.
1:11 — Hey, Ted Danson, with a Great White Beard. Oh, Civil Rights for blacks, too! She will give Obama his Civil Rights, by shooting his wife into Space.
1:13 — Did she say I was daydreaming about shooting various women into Space (the White House).
1:14 — Ha ha, wait, “shooting” — just realized that.
1:15 — She’ll go back to doing what she did “long before” the cameras came around. Uh, attending high school?
1:16 — She’s done.
1:17 — OMG she’s done.
1:17 — !!!
1:17 — ???
1:17 — Well, so much for those 17 months and/or 8 years.
1:18 — That was a nice speech. It was “striated,” the teevee people say. You can think a lot about why Hillary lost, and we have, and everyone has. But to the two or three Hillary supporters who read this site: whatever you consider Barack Obama’s chances of losing this election, those are the same chances of Hillary Clinton being elected in 2012. Good god, we’ve just had a cabal of crooks take over the White House for eight years. Monsters! This ’90s-’00s Democratic party, this “more Republican than the Republicans” triangulation at the heart of Clintonism? We don’t want it. It’s trash. Let’s run through the front door, now. And if the country isn’t ready for it, well, Clinton can have whatever she wants in 2012.

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  1. Nothing’s working. I suck. I tried msnbc, cnn, and then I caved and went to that worked, but not the live stream, just her talking about how she talked to people. All of whom put their hopes completely in her. The fools.

  2. [re=9906]graceless[/re]: you might have to download java or some computer crap like that. i don’t really know how it works, i’m thinking gerbils.

  3. And of course, “Wonder Woman” has found a bloated corpse in the Potomac. Symbolism for the day? No. It was Mark Penn, and the bloating was pre-death.

  4. Hilz intervention/exorcism just ended, she is now ready to accept that she may not win this thing. She will instead run for Head Salad bar bouncer at Denny’s

  5. As someone said in the other comment thread, “Mark Penn’s head is stuck in the banister and they’re looking for the Crisco.”

  6. C’mon Hilz, reach waaaay deep inside and do something gracious. You can do it! I’ll even forgive you for making me watch Keith Olbermann on Saturday.

  7. What I called yesterday:

    “What’s the over/under that by the end of tonight, Politico’s lead feature will be ‘Five Things to Watch for in Hillary’s Speech’? B/c they seem hellbent on refracting this entire campaign through their ‘Five Things’ prism. (‘Five Things Bill Clinton Should Watch for as He’s Stomped in the Lobby of His Harlem Office’.)”

    Today’s story:

    She’s 20 minutes late so far. She just knows that “October surprise” will leak by 12:30 EST.

  8. [re=9922]InsidiousTuna[/re]:

    She’d take the opportunity to slap him about 50 times while giving him a refresher on how delegates are apportioned in the Democratic primary process.

  9. [re=9923]V572625694[/re]: thanks, I’ve done the msnbc one a bunch of times, today it won’t show me the stupid commercial. Although, oddball was easy, go figure. CNN’s just showing the crowd, how many people do you suppose are there? Is it climate controlled?

  10. Watching this coverage, I can only assume that Hillary Clinton has stabbed her white ex-wife and possible lover. I just can’t wait for Bill’s frantic 911 call:

    “You know who I am, dammit! This is B.C. dammit!”

  11. [re=9937]Amaraya[/re]: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA….

    Yes, When WILL Obama Concede?? (Parts 1-4 now available on Hillaryis44 for those whose severe schizophrenia prevents them from understanding reality from fantasy)

  12. [re=9945]graceless[/re]: McCain time is any time he damn pleases, because when McCain was growing up, we didn’t have time. You had to guess when you were supposed to be someplace.

  13. Terr-bear is probably dancing around naked with his bottle of rum at this point and preventing her from going on stage to concede since he still thinks she is the nominee.

  14. Meanwhile, CNN reported that Obama was off to a game of golf out in Chicago. What a misogynist elitist, out playing golf while the woman does all the work.

  15. When I look at that delightfully Stalinist speaking platform, I can’t help but wonder if halfway through the speech a fit woman in a tanktop and running shorts will dash in and lob a sledgehammer at the podium.

  16. She’s in front of the tv with Bill. They’re watching MSNBC, feverishly all the sexist remarks that Olbermann and Matthews are making so they can insert them into her speech.

  17. [re=9901]HairyIckey[/re]: …you are dick cuz you had the first comment!

    [re=9903]user-of-owls[/re]: 12:34 and still a NO SHOW(not that Im counting)

    [re=9907]cs11[/re]: …Im still SHIT-FACED!

  18. Where’s her house? How long can it take to get downtown from there? Bored! Bored! Did somebody Google-map the directions? Don’t they stop traffic for an historic loser?

  19. [re=9906]graceless[/re]: Not that it matters when you’re just watching the results of Hillary locking herself in her bathroom slurring, “I don’t care! I don’t wanna go!” I bet that car driving over is just Chelsea apologizing. “Sorry, my mom can’t make it today. She’s surfing the crimson wave. She had to haul ass to the ladies.”

  20. [re=9975]user-of-owls[/re]: +1
    [re=9978]graceless[/re]: I can get that MSNBC stream (in San Diego). You might try C-SPAN’s Web site.

  21. Hillary is probably so late because she just found the infamous Michelle Obama “kill whitey” tape. Which, of course, changes everything.

  22. [re=9994]ronaldpagan[/re]: I’ll bet she was watching it over and over and over, and she just lost track of the time.

    Two-minute warning! Yee hah!

  23. [re=9980]V572625694[/re]: Her house is a block or two away from the Naval Observatory, where the VP lives. It’s up Massachussetts, and she’ll have to drive across town (AND through Dupont Circle- terrible traffic) to get there.

  24. [re=9992]Cicada[/re]: No. School children will discuss the say HRC wasn’t late. Provided there is ever a day when she isn’t late.

  25. [re=9980]V572625694[/re]: I think her house is in Georgetown, and if traffic is bad, which I hear it is, the ride could take a minute.

  26. Btw, she does look nice. She should have tried the dark colors more during the campaign.

    [re=10025]obfuscator[/re]: Empathy for the Clintons is fatal. Do not weaken!

  27. [re=10001]InsidiousTuna[/re]: I stand corrected. She lives near Cheney (and VaticanHidesPedophiles Guy)? That’s kinda like finding out that Darth Vader and Boba Fett grew up together.

  28. Hahaha. Hills just implied that she didn’t win because so many people who voted for her died before their votes could be counted.

  29. Now SHE’S WHINING ABOUT THE VOTES OF THE DEAD NOT BEING COUNTED. “If the votes from Hades aren’t counted, it will be tantamount to the rape of democracy!”

  30. She started off with stories about taking money from children and the sad last hopes of now-dead people. Like it couldn’t get any more depressing.

  31. [re=10026]loquaciousmusic[/re]: I don’t think planning is something anyone in the Clinton campaign will be doing for a long time.

  32. [re=10034]loquaciousmusic[/re]: Jinx.

    [re=10033]jagorev[/re]: Word.

    I mean, I could be wrong, but shouldn’t about half her crowd be Obama supporters anxiously awaiting her fall?

  33. she just couldn’t let it go, blah blah blah 18 million votes blah blah blah. someone needs to double check that they didn’t give her the same text she read from on tuesday, because i sure can’t tell the difference.

  34. Everyone watch C-SPAN, it works best.

    PS: 52 minutes after she was supposed to get here, and still not one goddamn word about Barry O.

  35. When will she thank the blog trolls who spread rumors about Barrak HUSSEIN O’bambi? Why don’t they get credit, huh? Think of all the countless hours spent in front of the computer, the worn out caps lock buttons, the mental strain of accepting Hillarymath as logical.
    Don’t they deserve their moment in the sun?

  36. Am I a bad person because as she walked the rope line, the thought “It’s June, anything can happen.” went through my mind?

    Oh well. Hey, Hillary, this is your chance to make us proud again.

  37. OMG did you see Bill’s tragic golf claps for Obama? Half-assed endorsement but I just screamed “YESSSSSS” when it happened!!!!!

  38. Those f’ers are still booing. Let’s see if the “Building Museum” can withstand a bunker-buster dropped on it from a B-52.

  39. she can’t say it without sadness

    [re=10063]obfuscator[/re]: yeah the booers can fuck themselves, one and all. i bet ferraro started it.

  40. Wow, I can’t believe she actually did it! Oh my God, I really feel for her. This is the second time in my life I’ve actually wanted to hug Hillary Clinton.

  41. It is as unconvincing as her stump speech. She doesn’t sound like she wants Barry to win anything except Biggest Contrary Example.

  42. And what is it with everyone using U2 now at rallys.

    Come on, they are not American. They are commie, un-american Irish or something.

    I’m surprised that Sean Hannity hasn’t started a series: “Barack Obama played “Beautiful World” at his rally. That song was sung by Bono, who hates the U.S. Why does Barack hate America so.”

    It is moves like this that kills you in elections, people!

  43. stroking bill’s ego for a few moments… check
    talk about how the clinton administration solved all the world’s problems…check

  44. So is her career over? If so, wouldn’t it be cool if she dedicated herself to being a ferocious pit bull attached to Panamanian strongman Juan McCain’s throat from now til election day? Us the power of the things people don’t like about her to bring that old goat down?

    Oh, I know, Hilz in ’12….

  45. Okay, you better end this thing on some nice words for Barry. If this turns into another “the Clintons are great” speech, I’ll gag.

  46. And it’s back to being about her and bubba now. Also, note how she’s saying we need a democrat in the white house, but virtually nothing about Barry in the white house. A+ hillz.

  47. You know, the endorsement rang true. Except for being late, it’s actually been pretty elegant.

    Fuck. Now she’s mentioning Bill. You know he wants to rip the mic from her hand and call Barry “uppity”.

  48. You skank bucket. There are obviously nicer things to say about Barry than “Well, he is also a Democrat.” He’s better than a giant trough full of Gores and Kerrys (not to even mention Liebermans), and you damn well know it.

  49. “And I come to you today, at this time, in this place, to announce my candidacy for the presidency of the United States in either 2012 or 2016! Go to HILLARYCLINTON2012.COM or HILLARYCLINTON2016.COM and donate money to me!”

  50. Oh, guys, her speech is actually pretty good. Except she sounds a little angry every time she says the words “Barack Obama.” Just talk about the Democratic Party, ok, Hillary? You’re more convincing.

  51. That “that is why we must help to elect Barack Obama our President” is starting to grate on me. The tone sounds exactly like “that’s not change we can believe in”.

    She does not need to campaign for Barack. She will only turn off voters.

  52. ok the chorus of “this is why must help elect barack obama president!” is getting a tad bit silly. she really can’t get this authenticity thing down can she

  53. “Could a woman serve as commander in chief? Well, I think we’ve answered that one!”

    Oops! Some speechwriter’s cat will be dead within 10 minutes…

  54. OMG did people just boo “Could an African American really be our president, and Senator Obama has answered that one?” Or is that my imagination?

  55. And why does Hillary think that listing off a girl who used her savings for Disney Land to see her instead sounds good? Let’s have a little perspective here. It is the Presidency, not American Idol.

  56. Oh my god, what’s coming over me? I feEL WEIRD….HILLARY! HILLARY! HILLARY! HILLARY! COUNT ALL THE VOTES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  57. Okay, I believe she wants to help out. But ugh! She is kind of terrible at speechmaking. There’s no way she was going to beat ‘NUTS with this kind of talk. Thank goodness she did not wrest it from Barry at the last second.

  58. i don’t know about the rest of you but this goes great with Led Zepplin’s Physical Graffiti. “Iran as a daughter…who wants LOVE…ooh yeah…talk about love…

  59. You’re worried about Chelsea’s future? I mean, she’s had the most privileged upbringing imaginable, she went to Stanford, and she works at a hedge fund where she will make millions. Chelsea will not be oppressed by THE SEXISM.

  60. I am trying to remember that this vocal style that has been bugging the shit out of me for six months is like catnip for her supporters. If she keeps saying “support Barack Obama for President” in that odd, singsong style, they will all do it. Just think- it worked for “go to Hillary Clinton Dot Com”.

  61. Oh ok, this is what she should have done on Tuesday… (rolls eyes) When she said, “Yes we can.” I kind of sort of started liking the Clinton’s again.

    I also liked the part about a woman has shown that she can be president and a af-am man has shown that he can be president.

    Also like this bit about no prejudices… now she just needs to say it for Barack.

  62. This is just BAAAARELY acceptable. So far, she’s doing just enough to not be eviscerated afterward, and not one iota more. Barry said more nice things about her on Tuesday. She can barely choke out his name. But she’ll say “Whaddya want? I said vote for him” And every pro-bama statement is immediately followed by a self-aggrandizing (or Bill-aggrandizing) platitude.

  63. I would like to resolve and work toward achieving a sandwich right about now.

    This is interesting, though: “there are no acceptable prejudices in the twenty-first century.” Is this a veiled dig at her supporters who aren’t voting for Barack because he’s black? Or is she just talking about broads here?

  64. The part about women is perfect. Why the hell didn’t she phrase things in these terms months ago? Instead of asking if someone should get Barack a pillow? Seriously, she’s really nailing this part.

  65. I have realized that I will always dislike Hillary, even if she endorses Barack. She represents everything that is wrong with our politics.

    Ooh, could we blast her into space, pleez?!?!

  66. “because when people say that you shouldn’t continue, look at my example, and realize you too can rack up $30m in debt for a totally failed enterprise, then use your husband’s position as former president to get more Colombian blood money to make more money anyway.”

  67. I dunno, maybe I’m biased, and until now have wanted to throw up every time she has given a speech. But this is a damn good speech.

  68. My fucking comp powered off! I missed the “women’s rights” part. I would have loved to hear it; I’m a feminist too (albeit one who thinks Hillary Clinton nutcrackers are funny. Like Nooners said, if someone made a nutcracker of me I would buy a box of them and pass them out as party favors.)

  69. …Hillary is killing me today! If she was like this 3 months ago I would’ve voted for HER(even though it wouldn’t have counted cuz I live in MIAMI)!

  70. I forget, she’s been talking about herself and women for so long, did she suspend and endorse bho?

    hah! “don’t go there! will be back after this commercial break”

  71. Even though I said all this stuff, she better end this with a lot of Barack stuff and less Hilary. But woman is not taking office in the near future… a BLACK man is…

    Chelsea’s color is great though.

  72. Actually, this is smart. She’s telling the bitters that there will be a woman someday and that it’s because of them…but that, until that point, they should support Barry.

    I wonder if she’s going to explicitly address bitters voting for McCain?

  73. So they bumped into the glass ceiling? Doesn’t that inherently suggest that Barack Obama and his “gang” kept that under that ceiling? How is that pro-unity transcendence??

  74. Woman this woman that, women women women, I’m a woman, remarkable that women blah blah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman women Woman this woman that, women women women, I’m a woman, remarkable that women blah blah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman women

    … BTW vote for Barry …

    Woman this woman that, women women women, I’m a woman, remarkable that women blah blah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenWoman this woman that, women women women, I’m a woman, remarkable that women blah blah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenWoman this woman that, women women women, I’m a woman, remarkable that women blah blah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman womenblah woman woman women


  75. [re=10160]eatsshootsleaves[/re]: Word. I’m digging her, conflictedly. Although it helps to put Terry, Bill, and a huge sea of bitters up there for some “she’s not that bad” contrast.

    And here’s the conflict: Hillary, I KNOW you spent at least from 12:00 to 12:45 dwelling on what might have been. Unconvincing.


  77. I can tell she’s not going to say the things that are most vital for her supporters to hear: “The primaries were close, but Barry won them fair and square. His campaign was honorable; sexism was prevalent and despicable, but it didn’t come from Barry’s camp. He is qualified. He will be a great prez.” She needs to take a huge chisel to the sense of Betrayal At The Hands Of The Party that her hardcore folks came armored with.

  78. Well, Hillary, that didn’t suck as much as I expected. You still tooted your own horn, so to speak, but that’s come to be expected.

    I wonder what the comments at will say now?

  79. OK so here’s my thought…most of her reasons for endorsing Obama are more self-congratulatory (the Democratic party needs me, we have to stand together, etc.) than Obama-congratulatory. But maybe she knows her supporters, and this is what most speaks to them? Flattering them into voting a Democrat? She’s a smart lady.

  80. i suppose i didn’t really expect much more from her. i now more believe more firmly than before that the reason she was 45 min late was because chelsea was pleading with her to come out of the bathroom. she was totally sobbing and yelling ” i won’t do it! you can’t make me say it!”

  81. [re=10183]graceless[/re]: Awesome. I now know more places where I will not watch it. Is it worth it to disrupt vacation happy time?

  82. I think it’s amusing she doesn’t include Johnson as one of those democratic presidents that was elected in her political life. She wasn’t active in politics when she was campaigning for Goldwater.

  83. Thank god it’s over. Sorry, terrible speech. It’s only for women, obama’s magical black glass ceiling kept them down, bill is awesome, nothing about mccain, weird singsongy rhythm, feh to all that.

    If Barry gave a crazy speech like this, we’d all wonder if he got brain damaged somehow.

  84. All right, we need a thread on Brer Rabbit. He’s still under copyright, so I assume that they have defrosted Walt and he is calling the shots again?

    [Interesting Side Note: Disney has apparently convinced Google that Songs of the South never happened to, as it’s spell checker doesn’t know “Brer.”]

  85. Well… that was pleasantly unsatisfying. She really oscillated between making me hate her more and endearing herself with more than a few really strong lines.

  86. Alright, good job Hilz. The me me me thing must be the only way her speech writers know how to communicate her message. A little we we we wouldn’t hurt in the future.

  87. [re=10179]El Bombastico[/re]: If it weren’t for those 18 million plus one Hopey supporters and their darn putty knives and all that spackle, that ceiling would have been toast.

  88. [re=10193]loquaciousmusic[/re]:

    Her most bitter Bitters will now throw Hillary under the bus and turn the site into…


  89. [re=10211]El Bombastico[/re]: I think she actually made a compelling argument. Her supporters aren’t ready to hear a bunch of “Obama is great” stuff yet. I think she’ll shift more to that over time, to ease her people into it.

  90. [re=10208]Son of Mark Penn[/re]: As she was a Randroid during that phase of her life, I think it’s a fair argument that she could not have been in full control of her faculties.

  91. [re=10198]ronaldpagan[/re]: That’s what I was thinking. I think most Clinton supporters need to feel like they’re still important, and that Clinton hasn’t been unfairly treated, but in fact has been given a wonderful and groundbreaking opportunity.

  92. [re=10209]Sean O[/re]: Meh. I am not nearly as positive about this speech as, say, Jezebel will be, but she did mention a lot of reasons we need a Democrat. Keeping things positive worked well for her.

    [re=10224]Cicada[/re]: I absolutely agree. I wish all her supporters were as cool as she is. (Which is still not THAT cool, even though today’s speech was great.)

  93. [re=10224]Cicada[/re]: I hear you, but I would have like to hear at least one (I’ll have to check the transcript) statement to the effect that Barack Obama would… you know… make a good President. As opposed to “Democrats make better presidents than Republicans.” We need X, Y, Z — so we gotta elect a Democrat, whoever that may be. Maybe I was giving her too much credit, expecting that. I wanted an endorsement of Barack Obama. I got an endorsement of the Democratic party. Yeah Hillz, I kinda know what you think about Democrats.

  94. I think it was a very good speach when you look at her need to move her supporters behind Obama. Many of her supporters needed to hear her talk about being a woman running for President.

  95. [re=10192]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: Hahaha really?

    And of course, I want to thank Bill, for cheating on me in the public eye, and sabotaging my campaign because he knows I would only upstage him.

  96. [re=10234]El Bombastico[/re]: True, but considering the fact that her campaign has been whipping their supporters into a frenzy with “the DNC betrayed us”, saying nice things about the party is important too.

  97. OK, my comp powered off for a little of the speech, so you guys will have to help me out. But the most amazing and groundbreaking thing about it…ZERO Hillary Clinton dot com plugs? Hell just froze over!

  98. [re=10240]Cicada[/re]:

    She did a very good job of pushing party unification. Never mentioned the Clinton-math popular vote win once. Same for the Michigan/Florida thing.

  99. Now that’s weird! C-SPAN has a line for those who support Hillary Clinton and a line for those who support others. Kind of keeps the “still running” meme going…

  100. [re=10232]ronaldpagan[/re]: I agree that positive is fine, but it really seemed to be 1). you should vote for Obama because he has a (D) next to his name, and 2). it’s ok, I I I I I will be back because I I I I I need to be the first female president (which the men kept us from doing this time).

    I figure that if I were a male Hillary supporter, I’d wonder wtf I’d been doing, since clearly nobody cared about me.

  101. [re=10234]El Bombastico[/re]: I thought during the part of the speech where she kept saying “That is why we need to elect Barack Obama,” she was saying Obama will get all those things done. I saw that as a direct endorsement of Obama, plus the fact that she actually said she is endorsing Obama. I see the part about the Democratic party as talking directly to her supporters who feel betrayed by the Party.

  102. I am going to admit something awful. I don’t like hating Hillary Clinton. From the time I was seven years old until about six months ago I thought was was fucking awesome. And then she went nuts, became raciest, and just generally lost her mind. All I have wanted is for her to give just one semi-graceful speech that did not make me completely ashamed. This was it. It wasn’t brilliant, but there were some good lines and the delivery was pretty damn good for her. All is now right with the world and I can now devote my attention to hating republicans the way god intended.

  103. “Working to give all of America the same opportunities I had.”

    Does that mean we all get to marry the President of the United States?

  104. [re=10234]El Bombastico[/re]: Yeah word. She did give Barack Obama a sentence of cursory praise “Senator Obama is dedicated and committed…” and what have you. She did talk about civil rights, which was nice. She did adopt “Yes! We! Can!” But I think she should have given him, maybe, an entire paragraph (compared to the THREE he gave her in his speech the other night) without turning her supporters off.

    But whatevs…we already knew Barack Obama has more class and decency in one perfectly sculpted ass cheek than Hillary Clinton has in her entire body. Now isn’t the time to dwell on it.

  105. Since I was just feverishly typing with one hand on my vag (I have waited for Hillary to concede for so long), I’m going back and reading all the comments

    [re=9989]AngryBlakGuy[/re]: and this is hilarious.

  106. [re=10246]Black Cat[/re]: Yeah, I hear that. I just feel like it was a B-. Just enough to have the talking heads say it was a good speech, and keep the party off her ass, but not actually a full endorsement. I’m probably asking too much.

    Her actions between now and November will determine her place. I’ve given her credit before, and she’s disappointed me. Let’s keep this in perspective. She may very well go home, and not say another word on the electino.

  107. By the way, the song ‘Black President’ by NAS, just about to come out, is pretty awesome, and I quote:

    America, suprise us
    And let a black man guide us

    [re=10232]ronaldpagan[/re]: I thought this speech provided a ‘blame the patriarchy’ meta-narrative for the campaign that will, at best, encourage feminist women to stay home on election day.

  108. [re=10248]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: I fucking hope so! (Especially if it’s Walnuts.)

    [re=10250]valencia[/re]: SOOOO true…I would not want to be an anti-American dictator in a tiny country right about now.

    [re=9930]soymocha[/re]: Look at the first comment on the site:

    Her mistake was not going for the throat to begin with.


    (That website directs you to

  109. [re=10255]jagorev[/re]: I’m not up to speed on today’s rap music (having bowed out around “Children’s Story” by Slick Rick, but doesn’t Nas suck?

  110. [re=10250]valencia[/re]:

    Or a lifetime pass to the Build-A-Burger conference.

    Some conspiracy theory “news” website reported that Barry and Hillz both attended the conference at the Marriott on the same day they met at Feinstein’s northern Virginia kibbutz. They used the a blog on Wonkette as one of their sources.

  111. Brown and Turquoise don’t go together.. Huma is fired! and WHITE PEARLS?? not so much. I hated her outfit. She should of worn Red or Fuchsia.

  112. [re=10253]WonkaBee[/re]: Suspend. She really can’t shut down her campaign completely because she wouldn’t be able to fund raise anymore to pay off her debt.

  113. John King is interviewing Terry McAuliffe. Fuck. You total asshole. *Drop it.* Terry is going on about Hillary getting more votes than any candidate in the history of the Democratic party. Yeah, motherfucker, *in your mind.*

    This is the problem. She just gave a great speech and her supporters are already fucking it up. If she’d muzzled Bill, Terry, Lanny, et al from the start and if she’d canned Penn and Solis-Doyle after Iowa, she might have actually won.

  114. I thought on the whole it was a good speech, my one gripe is she didn’t do a convincing enough job of personally linking Obama to the goals of her campaign. It felt like an entirely political endorsement, and an unpersonal endorsement.

  115. [re=10253]WonkaBee[/re]: There was actually some interesting comentary I heard on why it is important that she suspeds. It means she gets her delegates on record at the convention for purely historical reasons. Remember, Edwards just suspended his campaign.

  116. [re=10255]jagorev[/re]: Sorry, I love Nas, and that song has some good verses, but the chorus is fucking GAY. (Not in a homophobic way, but in a “Dancing Queen” way.) And the beat is especially shitty, even for Nas.

  117. This ’90s-’00s Democratic party, this “more Republican than the Republicans” triangulation at the heart of Clintonism? We don’t want it. It’s trash.

    Exactly right. Clintonism should go on tour, I think. A world tour. Perhaps on the stage.

  118. [re=10263]soymocha[/re]:

    That’s one of the most effective arguments against her. The inability to put together a team that wasn’t a bunch of arrogant egomaniacs with the inability to even consider the idea that they might not have it rolled up by Feb. 5.

  119. It would have been nice to see an attack on McCain. Still, she probably thinks they are going to be stuck in the Senate together. And you don’t want to make McCain mad…, you wouldn’t like him when he’s mad.

  120. OK, so like I said I missed some of the speech. Did anyone here if she stated the very obvious, very important point that a vote for Obama is a vote to protect women’s rights, all the way up to Roe v. Wade? If she didn’t say that, she better say it soon.

  121. This is heartening, I’m hearing a few C-SPAN callers who sound like clingers saying that this speech convinced them to support O. I got all misty when this old lady said: “I’m a Democrat.”

  122. [re=10275]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    She did use the phrase “a woman’s right to choose”.

    Lots of CSPAN callers saying they were Hillary supporters but will vote for Barry. One or two Hillarys saying that they will vote for McCain.

  123. [re=10270]brinyside[/re]: [re=10275]ronaldpagan[/re]: Nope. It was all about how she represented women’s rights, and her victory was denied by the glass ceiling.

    There was no attempt to link her issues with Barack’s, and she did not even mention John McCain once.

  124. [re=10111]jagorev[/re]: That is why I don’t read the Corner. Its just scary that post that are jokes here are considered sober thought there.

  125. [re=10275]ronaldpagan[/re]: She mentioned the supreme court. That’s the code word, but not specific enough to angrify pro-life Dems.

  126. Yeah, one thing she needs to say to her supporters is: “Hey, if you like my policies and issues – you’ll like Barack Obama’s. They’re fucking identical!” She should clean up the language, obvs.

  127. Also, when will Rush Limbaugh announce the suspension of Operation Chaos? He better do it soon or all those Chaos Republicans will vote for Obama.

  128. [re=10247]HerExcellency[/re]: Yah, it’s a funny old world. How did Al Gore metamorphose from Mr. Roboto to Mr. Roboto el Environmento, for instance?

    I blame aging.

  129. [re=10286]FabgurrlTX[/re]: Is Rachel now *leading* the roundtable discussion? Yeah, that’s gender transcendence. Now she should keep Pat in his place.

  130. [re=10279]jagorev[/re]: It’s not true that she didn’t attempt to link her issues to Obama. She stated many of her important issues, each one followed seperately by “That is why we need to elect Barack Obama President.” That was connecting those issues to OBama.

    True she didn’t mention McCain. That I don’t understand.

  131. Sorry, still catching up with the comments:

    [re=10174]loquaciousmusic[/re]: She should totes explicitly call out the people threatening to vote for McCain. She has time.

  132. [re=10272]obfuscator[/re]: Oh, yeah. Totally. I’m all about Barry. I’m not saying I wanted Hill to win, but that she might have won if her team hadn’t been, as you so rightly put it, a “bunch of arrogant egomaniacs” who could map out a decent ground game.

    Among the other things I never understood about her campaign, either, is why they continually griped that they were outspent by Obama. It was always, “My opponent outspent us by 2 to 1 in Wisconsin!” Well, yeah, your opponent has over a million and a half individual donors. It’s like they went out of their way to draw attention to this fact.

  133. You know how if you cue up The Wizard of Oz to Dark Side of the Moon and all the shit lines up?

    This speech does the same thing, but to Mandingo!

  134. [re=10294]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    Agreed. She should also have explicity called out anyone who voted against Barry based on race during the WV and KY primaries.

  135. If she had talked about all this women’s rights/glass ceiling stuff earlier, in these terms, instead of all those vague references implying that Barack is a sexist because he brushed his shoulders off, things would be a lot better.

    I would be in love with this speech, and her, if she’d done it after Indiana and NC.

  136. [re=10296]soymocha[/re]:

    I didn’t think you were a Hillary supporter, and you’re absolutely right that she ‘should’ have won. On paper, she should have kicked his elitist ass up and down the map. She didn’t start losing until people actually started voting. She was up anywhere from 15 to 25 points in the national polls all summer.

    As far as the money thing, it is a little weird to use “My opponent is so much better at raising money than I am” as an argument for your candidacy.

  137. [re=10245]Sean O[/re]: Yeah I feel you…but I’m not gonna hold it against her. Hopefully her endorsements will keep getting more Barry-specific.

    [re=10298]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Don’t worry, Hutz, you know where my presidential sexual fantasies really lie.

    [re=10279]jagorev[/re]: I’m gonna have to read the women’s rights part before I weigh in on this and the patriarchal meta-narrative…are there any links up yet?

    [re=10283]Son of Mark Penn[/re]: The Supreme Court is a good start, and didn’t someone else say she mentioned choice? I’m not going to be totally happy until she spends five minutes going: “Barry is as good on any women’s rights issue as I ever was.” And in reality, he’s better for women’s rights. She doesn’t need to talk about how he voted AGAINST the partial-birth abortion ban while she was for it (that phrase does not win anyone over), but I rest my fucking case.

  138. How does this thread have 382 comments and “No Views”? I hope Jim Newell isn’t being paid on pageviews, because that counter sucks balls.

  139. [re=10288]TGY[/re]: Speaking of Al Gore…why the fuck hasn’t he gotten off his fat ass and endorsed already?????? He should have done it on Tuesday or Wednesday. Is he, like, waiting to see if McCain chooses his buddy Lieberman?

  140. [re=10303]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    She was doing a bit where she’d talk about an issue and connect it to electing Barry, I think.

    “If we want to protect a woman’s right to choose, we need to send Barack Obama to the White House!”

  141. [re=10307]ronaldpagan[/re]: The Calvin Coolidge and Thomas Jefferson references were solid. I hear Diddy is gonna namecheck Samuel Tilden in his next joint.

    Song is meh — it’s okay. I hope we’re not gonna have three months of sub-par Obama rap songs.

  142. Meh. This speech was like a Ultra-Thin Light Dri-Weave Pantyliner when what you need is a Long Super Heavy Overnight with Wings.

    I think I could actually hear her teeth grinding together during the “We have to elect Barack Obama president!” parts. But, better late than never, I suppose. Thanks, Hillary.

  143. [re=10304]jagorev[/re]: It’s a “mystery” that was allegedly fixed Friday, so now it doesn’t work at all.

    THANK YOU JIM for ruining your Saturday, for America. You made that sound a lot more entertaining/important than it possibly could’ve been In Real Life.

  144. Does Gawker REALLY not have a thread about Clinton’s speech? An NY Times story about killing rabbits and some Battlestar Galactica episode are more important?

    [re=10309]El Bombastico[/re]: I know. Too much of that shit will make me hate Obama and rap. Are there any rappers who could actually pull off a good Obama track? I cannot think of any. (Although there have been some good references.)

  145. [re=10309]El Bombastico[/re]:

    It’s better than the prospect of three months of pro-McCain rap songs. Wait, that probably won’t happen.

  146. [re=10309]El Bombastico[/re]:

    God, Diddy has a video blog up on HuffPo where he talks about why he supports Obama. I’m scared to watch it.

    Did the Nas song have a “make way, the new, improved JFK” lyric, or was that just me?

  147. Well, Jamie Colby on Fox announced that Fox is “going to replay Hillary’s entire election speach . . . live at 5pm Eastern.”

    Thank God, because I wouldn’t want to have to seat through a replay of the replay.

    Oh, and apparently someone peed in your popcorn.

  148. [re=10312]Ken Layne[/re]: It was very important; so important that hundreds of people commented, but no one actually read. Hurray for blogs!

  149. [re=10320]Lionel Hutz Esq.[/re]: Dear God, she said it again 20 minutes latter. Either she or her teleprompter are really stupid.

  150. [re=10322]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    Barry campaign site already has a “Thanks, Hillz” thingy up.

    “Muthafuckas better recognize John McCain, he killin’ terrorists just like John McClane”

    /i just made myself puke

  151. [re=10255]jagorev[/re]: I didn’t see a “blame the patriarchy” meta-narrative. I did think there was something tacky about talking about how “we weren’t able to shatter the glass ceiling” when the actual nominee is every bit as historically unprecedented. But other than that…she talked about abolition, she talked about the progress that’s been made, she talked about the precedent she’s set for women’s rights. I thought it was incredibly classy, optimistic, and forward-thinking, and I wish she’d done more of that throughout her campaign.

  152. [re=10326]obfuscator[/re]: I was thinking more like “I’m gonna Walnut all over your face kid…” Eazy went to Republican conventions, God rest his soul.

  153. [re=10328]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    “My friends, you can all can get deez.”

    “Deez what?”

    “Deez Walnuts on your face, bitch! What!”

  154. I thought I said this already ?? Maybe it was a dream. I’m thinking that Obama must have promised her she could be the Director of the CIA.

  155. [re=10330]obfuscator[/re]: Heh. I just read his Wikipedia page because of this. About his attendance at the Republican senatorial fundraiser: “When Eazy-E spoke about the incident that year, he denied any allegiance to the G.O.P. “How the f—can I be a Republican when I got a song called ‘F—tha Police’?” he asked. “I ain’t shit—ain’t a Republican or Democrat. I didn’t even vote. My vote ain’t going to help! I don’t give a f—who’s the president.”[4]

  156. [re=10330]obfuscator[/re]: You’re right.

    Eazy-E accepted an invitation to a lunch benefitting the Republican Senatorial Inner Circle hosted by President George H.W. Bush in March of 1991, a little less than a year after conservatives had deemed his music obscene in Florida. The event received a lot of media attention. Eazy-E explained in an interview that his invitation was due to a $2,500 campaign contribution, which he had made to a Republican politician who stood against censorship. His appearance among the Republican powers left many of his fans nervous, since Bush’s economic policies generally were not seen to be promoting the welfare of inner-city African-Americans. When Eazy-E spoke about the incident that year, he denied any allegiance to the G.O.P. “How the f—can I be a Republican when I got a song called ‘F—tha Police’?” he asked. “I ain’t shit—ain’t a Republican or Democrat. I didn’t even vote. My vote ain’t going to help! I don’t give a f—who’s the president.”

    Why can Wikipedia say “shit” and not “fuck”?

    Also: WHERE IS EVERYONE ON THIS SECOND-MOST HISTORIC DAY THIS WEEK? I know it’s Saturday and stuff, but they can’t all be getting drunk yet.

  157. [re=10331]valencia[/re]: You did say it, and I agreed. She’s a fighter.

    [re=10332]El Bombastico[/re]: Damn we posted the same quote! Pool party foul!

  158. [re=10337]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    She never made any specific reference to her pledged delegates. That probably would have been too much for her hardcores to take this soon. Some of them would have booed even more.

  159. [re=10338]obfuscator[/re]: Oh word. But I don’t think she even said “concede”, did she? “Wholeheartedly endorsing Next-President-of-the-United-States Obama” would definitely imply as much, though?

  160. [re=10341]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    I’m not sure if there’s a technical side to “concede/endorse” like there is to “end/suspend”.

    I’m like you, I would have felt more comfortable if she said something along the lines of “I promise that my campaign is now over pinky swear on the bible honest injun.”

  161. [re=10343]valencia[/re]: Pick a good one. For a while now this conversation’s been looking like Barry, Knut, Barry, Knut, Barry, Knut, and I love it!

  162. [re=10314]Delicious[/re]: This pretty much sums it up for me.

    Best visual of the day: Terry McAuliffe’s bold “polo under suit jacket with collar arranged 70’s style” look.

    I could only love him more if he had popped the collar. Another missed opportunity by the Clinton campaign. Sigh.

  163. [re=10345]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    I wandered over to the Hillz site. I was encouraged when I saw the front page appeal to support Barry. Of course, there was also this:


    by robinP at 6/7/2008 12:34:35 PM”

  164. So the blogosphere response seems overwhelmingly (if not unanimously) positive. Even Sullivan has nice things to say (relatively). Anyone seen anything negative?

  165. a comment on the Hillary site:

    “We will support John McCain in November to help defeat Obama.

    Yesterday I received an email from Sen Joe Lieberman asking us Hillary Supporters to vote for John McCain.”

  166. [re=10349]obfuscator[/re]: Haha, we’ve got a fainter!

    [re=10350]El Bombastico[/re]: I’ve seen some negativity here. I’m over at Jezebel where people are denying that there was an absence of specific praise for Obama (which there totes was, and I think it was glaring considering that this was an endorsement speech.)

    But Hillary’s was a really fucking good speech, and I’ll stand by it.

  167. [re=10350]El Bombastico[/re]: Only from the pro-Hilz sites. People are trying to decode her secret message so that it still reads “Den-ver, Den-ver”. Kind of sad, really. I think a lot of the more vitriolic people are the ones who’ve never gotten involved before, they feel personally betrayed.
    Welcome to politics, kiddies!

  168. [re=10351]obfuscator[/re]: I would love to see that utter twat’s email to Hillary supporters. If me and Joe Lieberman are ever in the same city at the same time, one of us isn’t gonna make it out alive.

  169. [re=10352]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    All the bitters are ALL CAPS SCREAMING about never supporting him, voting for McCain, going to Denver, etc. “WE’LL REMEMBER IN NOVEMBER” is pretty damn catchy, though.

    Most of them aren’t too bashful about voting for McCain as part of a long-term Hillary 2012 strategy.


    McCAIN 2008

    HILLARY 2012”

  170. [re=10305]ronaldpagan[/re]: Good point. Perhaps Al is too busy gunning the motor of the bus he’s driving, waiting for Joe Lieberman to be thrown under it.

  171. [re=10352]ronaldpagan[/re]: Ooh, I bet Sinister Rouge is wielding her mighty wrath! How many commenters will get called “cunty” today (apparently its okay when she says it)?

  172. [re=10319]El Bombastico[/re]: Yes, some guy named Chris Paul (I think) I just heard it on the radio. Don’t know what station. But it was very good. Might have been called, “Barack” or something completely different.

  173. Someone get Mike Pfleeeeger on the phone and tell him he’s been vindicated:

    “I still cannot support obama – i have only hatred in my heart for him, i will never forgive him for taking MY dream away from me.

    He COULD HAVE WAITED – he is an egotistical male and had to run now and I will NOT forgive him.”

    Goddaaaang, I really need to not look at that site.

  174. [re=10352]ronaldpagan[/re]: Ha. It’s been awhile since I’ve read a good 200+ comment Jezebel post. Since I got banned at Gawker, it hardly seems worth it. You’re catching it from both sides.

    [re=10357]Cicada[/re]: Yes! SinisterRouge had some interesting thoughts on the Andrews business.

  175. [re=10357]Cicada[/re]: You should come by! Although I think we’ve reached a consensus…Hillary’s speech didn’t talk that much about Obama, specifically, but it’s cool.

    And for anyone who’s curious, here’s Joe “Twat” Lieberman’s email to Hillary supporters. Unless he stepped it up a notch; this was from a couple days ago. (Isn’t “Twat” the perfect word to describe that twat?)

  176. After following this primary on wonkette, i thank you for making me more happy and giving me some truly funny laugh out loud moments. But i totally missed Hillery’s speech and went to the beach instead! CHEERS!

  177. Heh heh, from Hillary’s “blog”:




    by AMBER HOUSTON at 6/7/2008 3:19:20 PM

    I’m just… no words.

  178. It bothers the hell out of me that she didn’t wear black more during her campaign – it suits her, she actually looked good today. Who the hell was advising this chick on her wardrobe?

  179. [re=10361]ronaldpagan[/re]: Yeesh. Lieberman and twat go together like PB & J. The opportunistic exploiters are out in force!
    Apparently there is a website called Hillary Supporters For McCain, which may be a scam. The guy who runs it claims to be a “life-long Democrat” and a “Texas red-neck”, but campaign finance records show that he’s made no contributions to Hillary. He also contributed to the Green party in 2004, so it seems more likely he’s into supporting spoilers. He’s getting people to donate money to start up a 527 to attack Obama. Creep!

  180. Ciao folks, got to go the gym! Thanks for making this primary so much more bearable. I’ll be counting on you in the GE, which looks to be a down and dirty race-baiting slimefest. Wooh-hoo!

  181. [re=10364]onosideboard[/re]: Oh my God I am shaking with laughter. Hillary for VP, no one for Pres!

    Rock on!

    [re=10365]Magsbe[/re]: I know right? She only discovered blue, like, a month ago, and then she’s been wearing the hell out of it (and looking fantastic.) And everyone looks great in black. Her stylist probably thought it was too depressing.

  182. OK, so if anyone is curious, here is the entire video of Hillary’s speech.

    It’s actually way better the second time around (I was trying to find out whether people really booed an “African-American president.” They didn’t. I’m delusional.)

    And here’s the transcript:

    [re=10366]Cicada[/re]: Bye Cicada! Exploiters and spoilers can kiss my ass.

  183. Here’s what these bitter Hillary supporters who say they’ll vote for McCain don’t seem to realize:

    When John McCain shifts the makeup of the Supreme Court, and said Court overturns Roe v. Wade and a number of social programs, noone—not even Hillary Clinton—will be able to get them back.

    Obviously, these people don’t understand that the law of the Supreme Court is the law of the motherfucking land and that Hillary couldn’t just have a “re-do” if she were elected in ’12.

    Honestly. Could someone explain this to them, please?

  184. [re=10370]loquaciousmusic[/re]: Um… first we have to explain to them that the President and Vice President are not separately voted upon, based on onosideboard’s excerpt above. Then we’ll move on to the three branches of government. Then we’ll explain… oh wait, they gotta go watch “Two and a Half Men”, we lost our chance.

  185. [re=10370]loquaciousmusic[/re]: If they were educated enough to understand how the Supreme Court works, they wouldn’t be so bitter.

  186. [re=10370]loquaciousmusic[/re]: You will NEVER hear a fertile Hillary supporter talk about defecting to McCain. The ones who say that bullshit are all way post-menopausal, and they want grandchildren by any means necessary!

  187. [re=10373]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    One comment on her site was from a woman who actually said something like “BO SAYS MCCAIN WILL END ROE V. WADE! BIG DEAL MY BABY MAKING DAYS ARE OVER!”

  188. [re=10371]El Bombastico[/re]: I know, I know. There should’ve been more snark, but I just read that letter on McCain’s behalf from Motherfucker Lieberman. God, I hate that man.

    Did I tell you guys that I met him once? It was the last time he ran, and he was due to arrive at a diner in the next town over. You can read the story here. I also published a rather prescient letter in the local paper. I’ll be doing much more of this the next time he runs. Assmunch.

  189. [re=10299]obfuscator[/re]: I’m only going by what the other commentors are saying about the speech, but calling out the WV and KY bitters would not have been the time or place right now. If anything that would have turned them off. Keep in mind it’s not just those two states, but in all the states there are are people who won’t vote for Obama simply because of race. There’s two men in the race not and people like that will vote for the white one.

    [re=10345]ronaldpagan[/re]: “Are there any rappers who could actually pull off a good Obama track?”

    Hmm, I would think Nas would, or maybe Jay-Z, but another choice would be The Roots.

  190. I’m going to take a guess here that she didn’t mention the women who tried to run for president before her in her speech.

  191. [re=10376]Whore Diamond in the Rough[/re]:

    I thought the speech had quite a few strong points. Most of the things I didn’t care for were based on aesthetic points. I agree that the bitterest bitters will need a lot of hand-holding and gentle nudges, definitely.

  192. [re=10377]Whore Diamond in the Rough[/re]: Good point.

    I think someone should encourage Harriet Christian and Geraldine Ferraro to have a rap battle someday. (No shoulder brushing though.)

  193. Thanks for wasting my entire afternoon, Wonkette! I’m off to work, as I need to make money so I can donate it to my favorite arugula eating elitist goofball presidential candidate.

  194. [re=10370]loquaciousmusic[/re]: I’ve actually heard the argument from da bitters that, since the Senate will have 60 Dem votes dontcha know, there’s no reason to fear any radical, Roe-threatening SCOTUS justices in a McCain administration. Riiiiight.

  195. [re=10384]CometHasTheFloor[/re]: That’s fucked up! I don’t want those racist bitters playing chicken with my uterus. They should all take Florence Stein of South Dakota’s example, and die.

  196. [re=10384]CometHasTheFloor[/re]: Yeah, because it’s not like the numbers in the Senate won’t be able to change 2 years later. They clearly don’t truly care about women’s rights if they are willing to take that bet.

  197. [re=10388]phillyman[/re]: This is an interesting turn of events…Obama will lose in New York but win in Kentucky!

    (Please tell me he didn’t lose to a super-old horse…)

  198. I missed the speech but just watched it on No cutways for reactions, just Hilz in 3/4 shot.

    Interesting she mentions states she thinks she may carry or could deliver (NY & AK) and her last victory, SD. Unfortunately it is achingly apparent she & the bitters thought this election was still about gender. It was not. It was about her actions and behavior during the campaign. The glass ceiling does exist and is likely very evident to teh morans in the culture. To frame the “struggle” in those terms is to cheapen those who agree with her on this, but have reacted with disgust at her demeanor in the campaign.

    She clearly has accepted O’s offer on taking the health care banner forward. In what form will be curious (VP? as lead in the Senate?) to find out.

    Also, she clearly has and is undergoing a reckoning.

    Watch the replay and paying attention to her eyes and then note her tone lowering at the end. Her extraordinary steely resolve is evident. Her extraordinary anger is present (causing empathy with the bitters). Her eyes are very revealing here…. finally, of the person who does care about public service, even when gauzed over by personal ambition. Her eyes are otherworldly.

    This experience will likely make her an even stronger person. That she was able to shift to a softer tone, authentically, at the end just might bring a lot of us back to her. But why did she say ‘my friends’?

    Unfortunately, given the earlier behavior, there will need to be a lot more time allowed to pass and present attention brought to her next actions till I”m able to believe. The political culture O has established cannot be allowed to be tarnished by a speech that should have occurred on Tuesday night. That others in the party had to apply heat is pathetic or evidence of a level of stubbornness that is astounding.

    But still, thanks Hilz. This is OUR moment to move forward. Walk the walk based on your talk and I’ll believe your ‘yes we can.’

  199. Ronaldpagan: @ why there wasn’t a big crowd: too damn hot.

    I give Hils a 7.0 — points off for waiting to even mention her endorsement of Hopey-Wan-Kenobi as well as too much @ her her her. However, at least she did give in finally.

    [re=10388]phillyman[/re]: that was Heartbreaking to watch……. man. but what a windfall for the long shot bettors! (not bitters, teehee; sorry, bad pun)

    also Ronaldpagan: @ Song of the South: don’t remember reading where Walt got the okay from J.C. Harris to use those stories to begin with…. or that Harris bothered to get the okay from the black folks he stole them from originally. So much for intellectual property rights……

  200. Gah, this thread takes forever to load, and it made my browser crash (yes, I’m running IE 5 on Windows ME). PLEASE BRING BACK PAGINATION OR I’LL WRITE IN HILLARY IN NOVEMBER

  201. We do need more pages! And:

    [re=10393]Words[/re]: Very interesting, but when was I talking about “Song of the South?”

    [re=10392]DoctorCulturae[/re]: Does anyone really, honestly think that McCain could beat Barry in NY?

  202. [re=10395]ronaldpagan[/re]: Not that I know of, but Hilz has claimed or tries to lead one to believe, that she “has” 18M supporters who voted for her. As if those votes are in stone. I don’t know what the latest numbers are, but there will likely remain some bitters who will remain bitters. NY? At this point no, but in 2012 or 2016? The groundwork has been laid for her or someone else to claim that constituency. If it isn’t her then someone else will have to go through her to get it: NY, AK, & her last victory when everyone was calling on her to exit, SD.

    Deez am mahn. U kenn no haz.

  203. [re=10384]CometHasTheFloor[/re]: Pfft! As PUSSIFIED as the current DEM majority congress is? Yeah, they can keep dreaming.

  204. [re=10397]DoctorCulturae[/re]: Sadly enough, I think Arkansas and Florida are out of Obama’s reach. Not that he shouldn’t try to prove me wrong. South Dakota will vote for an abortion-mongering Democrat the day West Virginia votes for a black man.

    That is scary about NY…I want, so deeply, not to believe you…

  205. [re=10399]ronaldpagan[/re]: Sorry if I haven’t been clear. I do not expect McDubya winning NY at all, just that Hilz might lead any bitters who will believe it she will be giving it to Hopey as a gift.

    Hilz will also lead the thought that she could deliver FL and Hopey cannot. Maybe Bear-bear should consider Netanyahoo as VP to win FL?

  206. I would just like to note that when I was grocery shopping today, I found myself humming “Hillary in the House.” And for that, I am deeply ashamed.

  207. [re=10395]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    Sorry if I had wrong contributor… this is a LONNNNNGGG thread.. thought you made the comment @ Brer Rabbit and Walt D. earlier…. Beg your pardon, sir/madam…. most contrite… :-)

  208. [re=10395]ronaldpagan[/re]:

    Well, shit. I can’t find it now, nor the notorious contributor… It, it, it…. MUST BE the Spanish Inquisition!!! NO ONE suspects the Spanish Inquisition!!!

    Go back to sleep….

  209. [re=10401]itgetter[/re]: thank you. you posted this 12 hours ago and i STILL have that bloody song in my head.

    siiiiigggghhhhh. i suspect it will be there for another 12.

  210. [re=10400]DoctorCulturae[/re]: [re=10399]ronaldpagan[/re]: If McCain wins New York in November I will paint my naked body in silver glitter paint, wear a bright red silk sash that says “4 TEH BITTERS” and decapitate myself with a rusty butter knife; posting the video on youtube for all to enjoy.

    In other words, I don’t think NY is in play. Ten Dollars on Big Brown to Win.

  211. [re=10404]ladymacbeth[/re]: Either you have tumbled backward through time in some sort of wormhole, or you misread my post, because I posted only an hour ago. But the first explanation is way more fun, and therefore it’s the one I’ll be going with. Please teach me your time traveling ways!

  212. My screen says that this post as no views, but 489 comments. Have you asshats been posting without reading the posts again? Just like I am doing now? Have we no shame?

  213. Did anyone else notice that more than once in this speech she made a big deal about “healthcare for EVERY American” …when whether to make coverage mandatory was one of the few policy issues where she and Obama actually differed? Between that, the implication that somehow Obama held a cracking glass ceiling in place, her failure to ever mention Gramps McCain, and her obvious gritted teeth, I just couldn’t see this as the fabulous unity speech.

  214. [re=10365]Magsbe[/re]: Hilzz didn’t wear black because the Bitters do not wear black. That would be too hip. She wore bitters yellow and bitters lime.

  215. [re=10546]Atoz[/re]: BO made special (and to my viewing, tortured) mention of Hilz in his St. Paul speech of her continuing to her fight for health care. To me this meant he has either offered of boxed her in for that as an issue she could pursue in some form. This happened after the tsunami of Hilz won’t drop out unless you make her VP stuff from the MT, SD primaries. It was like: hey babe, you want to force my hand on VP, I’ll remind everyone you’ve said you want to get healthcare, but you did fail at that the first time. Very shrewd.

  216. I would have liked Hillary as VP, she could have run the Country while Bill and I went snakeing.
    Michelle would have no part of it, she said those Clintons would have my Black Ass shot.

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