Guess who had a very private talky-talk in (maybe) romantic Northern Virginia tonight, probably at the Bilderberg Group meeting in Chantilly? Your Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton! They really met and talked, in private, Thursday night. And really, it sounds like they did this at that creepy Bilderberg Group meeting, which is happening now, and which is so secret that nobody will admit they’re going, even though everybody who is anybody goes to Bilderberg. After all, there is golf!

All the campaigns will admit is that the two met, and they didn’t meet at Clinton’s mansion in D.C., but Barack did vanish while his plane was at Dulles, which just happens to be walking distance from the Chantilly Marriott fancy place where the Bilderberg Group is meeting. The AP reports:

Reporters traveling with Obama sensed something might be happening between the pair might when they arrived at Dulles International Airport after an event in Northern Virginia and Obama was not aboard the airplane.

Asked at the time about the Illinois senator’s whereabouts, Gibbs smiled and declined to comment.


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  1. [re=8859]Josh Fruhlinger[/re]: It’s the truth. My brother and his wife practically drive to their mailbox… while using the GPS in order to find their around the fucking maze.

    Somebody better check Hopey tomorrow to find out if he’s been turned into a robot.

  2. I would have loved to have been on that plane when the reporters realized Hopey had escaped.
    The consternation! The frantic texting on blackberries! The desperate requests for gin and tonics with valium!
    Why does this make me love politics so?

  3. [re=8876]ronaldpagan[/re]: Maybe if someone would write some good Hilz/Barry slash fiction, all of Hillary’s bitters could get some relief and wouldn’t be so bitter anymore!

  4. [re=8874]Ken Layne[/re]:

    The Obama is good, but a little “Armisen”. I’m not sure what the fuck they were thinking with the Hillary statue.

    They won’t get my money until they produce a wax representation of Harriet Christian.

  5. [re=8880]Smoke Filled Roommate[/re]:

    Fourteen solid news cycles dominated by a blue pantsuit stained by octaroon DNA = Bob Barr in the White House.

  6. [re=8872]Cicada[/re]: I’m sorry, you mentioned gin AND valium and then wondered where the love was coming from? In my home gin + valium = twoo wuv fo-evah!

  7. Bilderberg in DC is like Paris in Gary.

    If you’d like to have a scatalogical excuse,
    How I happened on this awkward bit of refuse,
    I will say with a wind from my formidable behind,
    There is just one place
    That can puts shit on your face.
    Bilderberg DC

  8. [re=8866]NotUrEvryDayWEzl[/re]: When you come back, there will be a Senator with my name and my face, she’ll bake cookies like crazy, but she won’t run for President and SHE WON’T BE ME!

  9. I love Wonkette and it’s commenters. You’ve made this whole thing so much more tolerable. And no I’m not drunk. Just sayin’.

  10. Hopefully Obama’s people made sure Hillary was securely gagged for the meeting to ensure the Bene Gesserit witch couldn’t use “The Voice” on anyone.

  11. [re=8918]sayitwithfigs[/re]: I think we took one of the kids to a Bild der Berg at the mall for one of their friends birthday parties.

  12. At the meeting she thanked him for running a good campaign and told him that he would need to stand in line and apply for Vice President like everyone else. In response Barry replied, “What the F%^%(“

  13. No pictures of them meeting? Cool. I’m waiting for the sex tape. That’ll pay off Hillary’s campaign debt in about 20 minutes.

  14. [re=8867]Slutty_Chola_Cobbler[/re]: I’m not worried about a Bill and Michelle thing, unless I see her gain 40 lbs. and she starts sporting one of those “Texas High Hair” wigs. The man has no taste when it comes to women.

  15. Big O: “Now that you are out Hillary, let me show you what the O love is all about…”

    Hills: OOOOOO my…

    Scene cuts to waves crashing…

  16. Any secret meeting of “The High Priests of Globalisation” needs a Shirley Temple in attendance.

    Also, why are Vernon “I can read!” Jordan, Jon “Chupacabra” Corzine, Richard “The Balkans’ Bulldozer” Holbrooke, Henry “Elvis” Kissinger, and George “King of Arachnid traitor” Soros such popular attendees?

    Check out this insanely mesmerizing informational page on this Machiavellian Bilderberg cabal

  17. The Bilderbergs are meeting in a Marriott outside Dulles Airport? Wow, they have really come down in the world. This is basically a step above the Holiday Inn at LaGuardia.

  18. Hilz n Barry sex is kind of gross to think about. John n Cindy sex is where it’s at. All flopping jowl sacs and “Ooooo, yess, torture me, Maverick, torture me!!!!”

  19. [re=9002]Indi[/re]: I’m touched that you and Johnny Zhivago remember “Dune”. John McCain seems to fit the mold of Baron Harkonnen, and I can accept Hillary as Lady Jessica, but there’s no way in HELL that Bill is Duke Leto. However, if Barack Obama is Muad’Dib, that makes Michelle either Chani or Princess Irulan. I vote for the princess.

    And Dubya is Emperor Shaddam IV! That means Dick Cheney is Count Fenring (imperial assassin–yeah, that fits). Oh, the parallels!

    Who says science fiction doesn’t reflect real life? “Dune” was all about political double-dealing.

  20. [re=9036]2minutenews[/re]: Okay, I can imagine Barack and Michelle gettin’ nekkid. It would be a good thing for this country to have a President and First Lady with a healthy sex life.

    I mean…c’mon. Dubya and Laura? Bill and Hillary? George H.W. and Barbara???

    Ye gods! The horror…the horror!!!

  21. [re=9043]AfghanVet[/re]: Sorry, man. Never did Dundgeons & Dragons, although my college roommate did–and he was SCARY. Any game that has 10 BOOKS worth of rules is WAY too complicated for me. That’s why I like politics. Any idiot can run for office–and lots of them do.

  22. Meeting between BO and HC:

    The Official Transcript. Declassified.

    BO: ‘Sup
    HC: I hate you.
    BO: Nice… I like your… you look…
    HC: Stop it! Be a real man and tell me that you hate me. Tell me that I am a race-baiting, bitter, embittering, war monger that has out lived her usefulness.
    BO: Is that a new scarf?
    HC: I FUCKING HATE YOU! You don’t have the testicular fortitude to look me straight in the face.
    BO: Michelle has those same earrings.
    HC: You and your misogyny. I am going to unleash my old, bitter women constituents on you!
    BO: Listen, great talk. Gotta go run for president. Whachoo going to do these next few months?
    HC: Are you telling me to move to the back of the bus? Are you saying my sisters, 18 million of them, are going to have to re-live the lynching of yesteryear? Did you…. did you just imply that women should go back to being barefoot and pregnant? You want us to be invisible, don’t you? DON’T YOU?
    BO: Aiight, sweetie. Seriously. Gotta run. I’ll call you.
    HC: Make me VP. I want to serve you.
    BO: Ah…. Whattt? I’ll call you.
    HC: MAKE ME VEE PEE!! Like Ferraro. Give it to me. I want to serve you. Send me back to Bosnia….
    BO: Your number hasn’t changed, right? Ok.. gotta… y’know.. be president.
    HC: I love you. I will always love you. I have always loved you.
    BO: Yeah. Okay, baby….
    HC: Tie me up. Let’s play wench and gladiator.Let’s play burqa lady and Jihadi man.
    BO: Huh?
    BO: Don’t ever change, sweetums.

  23. [re=8859]Josh Fruhlinger[/re]:

    Yeah, I was going to say the same. Rt 28 near Dulles is a desolate highway with no sidewalks, so I wouldn’t doubt that pedestrians are banned on that road.

    And as for the Marriot in Chantilly where the Bildebergs are meeting, anyone who’s been to that area knows that there are dozens of hotels (it’s near an airport, after all), many of them far better than the Marriot. I think you’re reading way too much into this.

  24. [re=8869]obfuscator[/re]: I thought something was amiss with that picture. You’re smarter than me you fucking smartee-pants smart-Alec.

  25. [re=9129]Servo[/re]: …and the part where she chugs a bottle of Bacardi and then burns down his house in a jealous rage. Oh, wait…that’s what Terry McAuliffe is going to do to Hillary on Saturday

  26. [re=9284]jagorev[/re]: Never been lucky enough to date someone that psychotic. Usually I was the “dumpee” rather than the “dumper”. I’d just go to the nearest pub and get quietly plastered.

  27. I just heard from Alex Jones site that you finally after all these moments woke up to the reality of Hillary and Obama as part of the Bilderberg group. Congradulations on finally using your noggin’. Maybe you might give a bit more credence to a man who does his homework. Catch up babe!

  28. oops, i didn’t see this entry before i wrote my sadly redundant comment on the protester video piece. (and oop spelled backwards is…)

  29. ‘Greetings ‘And ‘Salutations!! I find all this gossip rather funny! Reminds of
    the talk of the Trilateral Commission they almost “always” pass their recommendations
    without pause for thought. I do hope they had a ‘gr8t time and drank several for Me!
    I also hope they planned my Birthday party!!

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