Lanny Davis, the staunch Clinton ally and textbook definition of why our society hates lawyers, has spent the last month or two or sixteen making a fool of himself as he tries to ruin Obama’s chances in November. During the Pennsylvania primary he noted how pathetic a candidate Obama is; he comically melted down on national teevee during the Indiana primary, while explaining how Obama’s lead is illegitimate; he fueled the rage Clinton backers were fake-feeling by chastising Obama for mentioning Bill Richardson as a potential VP; he decided it would be fair to give Hillary 77% of Michigan’s delegates, and when that didn’t happen, he ran around the DNC Rules and Bylaws Committee meeting like a 12-year-old. After treating Obama and the entire world so fairly, he is now circulating a “petition” for Obama to name Hillary his vice president. Somehow, he will find a way (or four) to sue when Obama doesn’t pick her. [CNN]

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