[Why would we take this down? It was funny too!]

You all should be ashamed of yourselves. We showed you the nice website called Country Above Self that appropriately lists “Phony Soldiers” as death traitors to America, and you go and inflate the score of Danny Glover, the b-list actor. Obviously everyone was supposed to nominate Truck Nutz. [Country Above Self]

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  1. @norbziness: I was just thinking that “country above self” sounded like it should go hand-in-hand with calling each other “Comrade”

  2. “This site has nothing to do with ideology.”
    MY ASS it doesn’t

    Congratulations Wonkette on making it to traitor with 8 votes. I think we can all be proud of our contributions to zee Terroriztz.

  3. “Please do not drink from the Slushy machine. If you drink from the Slushy Machine I will have to ask you again to Please do not drink from the Slushy machine.”

  4. …speaking of the “Hacking” has the tryout period been re-introduced or do we have worry about a flood of “hardworking” people?

  5. Who else thinks it’s our patriotic duty to make sure that Wonkette is the greatest traitor, thus using Wonkette as a bodily shield to protect the Greatest American Ever Ron Paul from that distinction?

  6. What’s this all about:
    … UPDATE: After publication of this notice in a few locations (RedState primarily) two people from Wonkette, used the chat service of Campfirenow to talk about it. Immediately after that ‘chat,’ Wonkette returns. It’s nice to have them so afraid they have to return content with ‘[Hey comical idiots, we’d never take this post down!]’. Welcome back Wonkettes. Now you can vote yourself as high as you’d like. Its amazing what power a little Patriotic website has over the big bad Wonkette. Whoa… we’re scared. NOT.

    Did they get lost in the big transition? Anyway, I see that not only are the “worst traitors” shown with what looks to be shit on the flag instead of the skull, but also that Wonkette is on the list.

  7. I got banned immediately from their fun little site for nominating Jim Newell as a patriot. Apparently the people who voted for Colbert are a bit iron-y deficient, no?

  8. @shortsshortsshorts:
    Congratulations Wonkette on making it to traitor with 8 votes. I think we can all be proud of our contributions to zee Terroriztz.

    Yeah! Finally, one of my votes counted for something!!

  9. How dare you mock the importance of such a prestigious website! For shame Wonkette. I shall go forth and vote you to be the biggest Benedict Arnold on that list and be sure that you are identified with a giant “poo on flag” avatar.

    Seriously, though… What do you suppose dinner conversation is like for these people? I’m sure it starts with “give it two-and-a-half on medium-high and stir the corn. Throw me another Schlitz too.”

  10. “whoa… we’re scared. NOT.”

    What is this 1993? Wayne’s World must be about the level of humor these people are capable of. A big kudos to Angryblakguy for getting the shout out from the retards over there. Well done sir.

  11. Country Above Self On wonkette:This cowardly website admitted trying to destroy Country Above Self. They were nominated by their own members, three times, as a Traitor. It is our pleasure to give them what they wanted.

    We tried to destroy them? You mean, snark destroys douchebaggery?!! I KNEW it!

  12. Those “Phony Soldiers” should be ashamed! How dare they have opinions based on experience! Everyone knows the true patriots are the Cheeto-stained reactionary douchebags who “serve their country” from the comfort of their parent’s basement.

  13. I hate it when people use words they don’t understand, like “appeasement” or, in this case, “hacking” which does not mean “using our website the way it was designed to be used, and the way we SAY it is designed to be used, except not in a way that we WANT it to be used.” That is not hacking, that is Wonkette democracy sukaz! Booyah!

  14. Ah ha ha ha ha ha! FIGHT! FIGHT! FIGHT!

    Country Above Self needs to start joining Wonkette and giving us a piece of their minds! It would be hysterical!

  15. Country Above Self doesn’t get Wonkette’s cruel sarcasm, and Wonkette is oblivious to Country Above Self’s dry irony.

    They ARE being ironic, right?

  16. Elvis:

    You’re forgetting about this gem of erudition.

    Whoa… we’re scared. NOT.

    My favorite part on the reals was when they called us “insolent.” Which is true.

  17. ronaldpagan:
    If the account creation process hasn’t been streamlined since we all rejoined the site, do you really think the shortbus-types at Country Above Self sand a chance of making accounts here, yet?

    Though I have to commend them on being able to IP ban. That’s something I pray Wonkette can do after the move from Gawker.

  18. I wonder if I can get around their “one vote a day” rule by moving from computer to computer around the office in order to vote us to the top of the list.

  19. @ Gopherit v.2.0:

    There’s no comment approval system anymore. All they have to do is type screen name: AlbertoGonzalesFan; favorite politician: Mike Huckabee; and Wonkette will just think they’re kidding.

    Was Wonkette able to IP ban in the past?

  20. MUHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! Finally my ANGRINESS and BLAKNESS is being recognized by brain damaged, knuckle dragging, sheep fucking, gullible, racist! And just in case I have to spell it out I’m referring to you “Country Above Self”. First of all I would to thank all the people made this possible; Ronald Pagan, Godless Liberal, ManchuCandidate, QueerElvis(the original), AudacityofHope and anyone else who was ROBBED of their star during the move. I would also thank all the ignorant people who make it not only easy but a pleasure to ridicule and make fun of them for their disconnection from reality. In closing I would like to tell Country Above Self go fukk your sisters(as if you haven’t already; Yeeeeehaaaaw!!!)

  21. @ronaldpagan

    It must be easier to register now, but it was hell yesterday morning…..hell I tell you.

    Gawker had some code that let the editors “ban” people (like Tony) but they could always create a new account. Our friends at Country have already IP banned several of us for submitting silly patriots and traitors to them. I hope the new Wonkette can do the same for guys like Tony. I suppose he could use a proxy server the3n, but really, there would be easier places to bother.

    I hope my ban doesn’t affect my ability to comment there..

  22. Ironically enough, I feel like less of an American after visiting that site.

    And less of a human being. And less of a man. And less of a everything.

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