We would like some crack!Wonkette Operative “Cheryl” sends us this amazing report about one teen’s secret to awesome spelling. [Orlando Sentinel]

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  1. When I saw “home schooled,” I imagined a kid of more Huckabee-esque proportions. This one could probably get out of Taco Bell for under fifteen bucks, which ain’t bad.

  2. I love sensationalist headlines. As if the paper couldn’t spare one more letter in the headline to say “teen has ‘a’ crack at…”. I was sorta dissapointed to find out the kid wasn’t on crack. That’s when you know the headline is good.

  3. @elburrito–yeah, for Wonkette, after all, I thought there would be more snarky original questions too. Maybe we can think of some new ones for version 2.0!

    And how many politicians in our planet’s history are worthy of being favorite?

    It was also confusing to have only two choices of gender. Hmmmmm…..

  4. @Darehead: You have the east coast advantage dammit!

    Maybe she can spell her way into a meth addition. Floridians would surely be proud of this, right?

  5. Anyone ever consider how utterly stupid the whole idea of competitive spelling is? It was really stupid when you had to look up words in the dictionary, but now that you can access on a handheld, what is the point of filling your head with words like loquacity without knowing what they mean?

    That said, many props to that little girl, who will in three years will be quite hittable.

  6. @V572625694: Spelling is only a valid contest in English. Other languages have make more sense. Or cents, or since, or scents.

  7. Did anyone notice that the winner was a thirteen year old from Indiana? Wasn’t that the home of Reagan’s human shield, Dan Quayle? Sameer is lucky they didn’t ask him to spell “potatoe”.

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