Campaign Without End, Forever And Ever, Amen

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  • In today’s primaries in Kentucky and Oregon, Barack Obama is expected to attain an important and seemingly unsurpassable milestone. This gives Hillary Clinton a natural opportunity to declare the campaign far from over. [New York Times]
  • The death toll following last week’s earthquake in China reached 40,000. On the bright side, a survivor was pulled from the rubble one week after the disaster. [Washington Post]
  • American forces stayed out of the fray while Iraqi security forces went deeper into Sadr City to search the district and keep a lid on Sadrist militias. So far no shots have been fired. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Beloved drunk-driving, mistress-impregnating Congressman Vito Fossella will not run for re-election. [The Hill]
  • You’ll never guess who Obama supporters don’t want to see on the ticket in the fall. [The Hill]
  • Mortgage and foreclosure nightmares are for suckers in the suburbs. Major metro areas’ downtown neighborhoods remain, for the time being, relatively unaffected. [Wall Street Journal]

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