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So what was the worst story for Barack Obama last week? Losing West Virginia, probably? That means it’ll have to be the topic of New York Times “lightning rod conservative” columnist Bill Kristol’s latest fare. In today’s column, Kristol makes fun of Obama’s massive defeat among Bitters in West Virginia, while making another terrible error in the process.

Here’s what Our Kristol has to say about the rout:

On Tuesday night, while the G.O.P. Congressional candidate was losing in a Mississippi district George Bush carried in 2004 by 25 points, Barack Obama was being trounced in the West Virginia Democratic primary — by 41 points. I can’t find a single recent instance of a candidate who ultimately became his party’s nominee losing a primary by this kind of margin.

The Internet can find a single recent instance, however:

Utah [Primary] Updated 11:02 a.m. EST, Feb 14, 2008
Romney 255,218 — 90%
McCain 15,264 — 5%

Can we just pray that Kristol writes “John McCain will win the election” at some point, thus guaranteeing an Obama victory?

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