Fake Republican John McCain Refuses To Be Transvestite On TeeVee

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Senor FrogTo appeal to the 45-year-old bitter people who enjoy the 34-year-old Saturday Night Live teevee program because they are too old/poor to actually do anything on Saturday night, 71-year-old John McCain will make a very brief appearance on SNL at exactly 11:35 p.m. tomorrow. Apparently the show’s producers wanted to put McCain in a dress and beat the shit out of him for 15 minutes, which is the usual level of comedy on SNL, but the “maverick” said no.

McCain said he expects the show’s writers to decide how to best use him, but he declared there will be no reprise of the cross-dressing appearance once made by former New York mayor Rudy Giuliani.

“Ah, no,” the Navy veteran said when asked if he would agree to wear a dress.

Instead, McCain will dress as a Mexican lobbyist helping Hamas and the Iran Sunnis fly a plane into Joe Lieberman.

McCain’s courting of youthful voters has limits [AP]

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