DEMOCRATS  10:54 am May 13, 2008

Candidates’ Handwriting Confirms Hillary Is Bossy, Obama’s A Pushover, And McCain Is Nuts

by Sara K. Smith

Poor lefty with his smeary handAccording to learned graphology experts, Hillary Clinton is rigid and disciplined; John McCain has a fiery temper; and Barack Obama communicates well. These deep insights arrived after careful consideration of a few writing samples of each candidate, although any five-year-old who watches the news for two minutes might reach the same conclusion.

One handwriting analyst said Hillary Clinton “can see both sides and would be good at sorting out conflicts,” while another said Obama’s writing “reflects intelligence, but with emotion and a capacity for conversation.” Every single expert quoted in the article agreed that John McCain’s handwriting reflected “a volatile egomaniac teetering on the verge of senile dementia, or perhaps it’s an electrolyte imbalance.”

Handwriting of Hillary Clinton, John McCain and Barack Obama may speak volumes [Los Angeles Times]

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