Now Hillary Has Lost The Superdelegate Contest, Too

Person of the Year?She really will continue campaigning until she actually dies, in 2027. The latest (and seemingly final) nail in the coffin of Hillary Clinton’s Presidential Campaign comes from ABC News, which has done the “hard math” and confirmed that Mrs. Clinton has now also lost the superdelegate contest. Let’s make a fun-filled, easy-to-read list of writing on the wall, after the jump.

* “Sen. Barack Obama moved into the lead today in the last category that Sen. Hillary Clinton had claimed to have an edge — support among the Democratic Party’s superdelegates. The Illinois Democrat grabbed the superdelegate lead thanks to a switch by New Jersey Rep. Donald Payne and an endorsement from previously uncommitted Rep. Peter DeFazio of Oregon. Those two votes gave Obama a 267-266 lead over Clinton.” [ABC News]
* “It has become clear that Barack Obama will be the Democratic nominee …. With this in mind, Rasmussen Reports will soon end our daily tracking of the Democratic race and focus exclusively on the general election competition between Republican John McCain and Democrat Barack Obama.” [Rasmussen Reports]
* “In a relatively short amount of time, Clinton has gone from being the inevitable winner to being the underdog to being a dead woman walking.” [Roger Simon/Politico]
* “Obama should choose a running mate who ‘is in tune with his appeal for the nobler aspirations of the American people,’ Kennedy said. ‘If we had real leadership — as we do with Barack Obama — in the No. 2 spot as well, it’d be enormously helpful.'” [Ben Smith/Politico]

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