Eighth Grader Owns Monica Conyers In Debate!

You may recall how Monica Conyers, wife of ancient Congressman John Conyers and President Pro-Tem of the Detroit City Council, recently got into a comical shouting match with the Council President while in session and ultimately called him “Shrek,” as a pejorative. In this video, the Detroit News brings a group of schoolchildren into the Council chamber to ask Conyers about her behavior, and it devolves into a heated debate in which an 8th grader completely destroys Conyers. You will not regret watching the whole clip. [YouTube]

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  1. Dave J.

    Shit that clip is gold. When the 6th grader (!!) starts talking slow and all patronizingly to Conyers is the best part.

    Also, Charlie LeDuff. I like the cut of his jib.

  2. Suds McKenzie

    What is Matthew Mcconaughey doing in Det-riot?

    … and this woman is born to be in an all womans penitentiary.

  3. helzapoppn

    Notice who’s moderating this discussion — Sam Riddle, who is also facing indictment in the Synagro sludge-hauling contract bribery probe. Also.

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