Meet The New Lying Hillary Clinton!

This saucy minx is Becky Miller, the mayor of Carrollton, Texas, a Dallas suburb with 116,000 wonderful inhabitants. According to herself, she has dated and sung with all sorts of popular musicians from the 1970s, and her brother once died in Vietnam. But perhaps her crowning achievement is that she made all of this stuff up.

Becky Miller is the first female mayor of Carrollton, and that’s perhaps the only true thing about her. Here’s a list of her terrible lies, which are now being exposed by her opponent in an upcoming mayoral election:

  • She tells people she was engaged to Don Henley, frontman for the “westerny” ’70s rock band, the Eagles. Why this would be anything to brag about, we don’t know. But according to an Eagles spokesman, Henley has “never heard of her, doesn’t know her, certainly was never engaged to her.” Maybe he was on drugs, because that is what Rock Stars do.
  • She claims to have sung backup for Linda Ronstadt and Jackson Browne. Ooh, aren’t you cool. Spokesmen for Browne and Ronstadt, as well as Miller’s entire family, say this never happened. Miller hilariously claims that she went by other names — including “Pinky” — and that may be the source of the confusion. But she won’t tell reporters what those other names were, because they were either really embarrassing or she’s just making shit up.
  • She claims she used to attend Western Kentucky University. She didn’t do this at all.
  • She says her brother died in Vietnam. Her father says that her brother never served in the military or died, what with him STILL BEING ALIVE. Miller — no joke — says her father has Alzheimer’s and doesn’t know what he’s talking about, because she has a secret other brother who did die.

She and Hillary Clinton share not only a penchant for lying, but a 0% chance of becoming the next president as well.

Texas mayor’s colorful past called into question [AP]

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