Gay Outrage Over ‘Pansy’ Remarks!

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Hateful smear flowersMany, many gay homosexuals are angry about North Carolina Governor Mike Easley saying Hillary Clinton made Rocky Balboa look like a pansy. How dare this historic friend of the gays sit idly by while her surrogate throws around these hateful smear words? And how many agujeros de la gloria will Chelsea have to service at The Endup to win back the affections of her mother’s old pals?

Look at the seething agitation and outrage eminating from various gay publications!

While we’re not particularly offended by Easley’s remarks, we know a lot of older gays – for whom pansy has a much more resonating, personal definition – are exceedingly upset about this gaffe. We would hope that GLAAD could stop planning its celebrated events or whatever they do to actually say something. But, we should have learned our lesson by now.

Human Rights Campaign, meanwhile, did no better, but, again, we’re not surprised, especially considering the organization’s long history with Senator Clinton. Here’s deputy communications director Trevor Thomas’ worthless remark, “We certainly wish the governor would have chosen his words better and have expressed our disappointment to his staff.”

In other words, all will be forgiven if Hillary sends a case of poppers to The Manhole post haste.

Natl. Gay Groups Offer Limp “Pansy” Remarks [Queerty]

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