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Jenna Bush’s Texas-Trash Wedding Splendor

by Ken Layne

T for TexasIt’s all happening! Jenna is really getting married to that one guy, Henry! They will live in Baltimore! But to really make “living in Baltimore” seem romantic, they will exchange vows at Jenna’s mom and dad’s retirement home in Waco, Texas. All the incredible details of the May 10 nuptials are suddenly coming to light.

The gown? Oscar de la Renta.

The bride’s earrings? Austin jewelers Anthony Nak.

The bridesmaids’ hot little aqua-blue-or-yellow-whatever cocktail dresses of varying styles? Dallas native Lela Rose.

The shocking father-bride dance? Nobody knows what to expect, according to Access Hollywood, but that George W. Bush sure loves to do ethnic dances! (Watch the horrifying video.)

[AP Photo]

The drugs & booze? Absolutely top notch (for Texas).

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