Paultards Strike Back!
Ron Paul’s remaining seventeen fans are not just going to idly sit by and watch Obama and Hillary have a big contest in Pennsylvania. No sir! This is why, in the Democratic Primary being held tomorrow, Pennsylvania voters should, uh, vote against Hillary by choosing … Ron Paul?

Perhaps those crafty Paultards have found some ingenious loophole that will turn the state’s closed Democratic primary election into, somehow, a MASSIVE WIN for Ron Paul, who is on the Republican ballot. Or, perhaps, it’s just more dumb bullshit from the few hardcore Paul fanatics who haven’t returned full-time to “World of Warcraft” and masturbating to Seven of Nine.

Anyway, many thanks to Wonkette Operative “T.W.” for sending us his picture he snapped “today at the corner of Walnut St. and Third St. in Harrisburg, PA.”

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