Cindy McCain Stole Recipes From Innocent Quakers

She knows what she didAs usual with these terrible betrayals of the public trust, it’s not the crime — it’s the coverup. If First Lady Cindy McCain had “talked straight” with the American people years ago and said, Yes, I get all my recipes from the Blue Cross drug formulary, we could have moved on. But instead she engages in this dangerous dance of deceit, leaving a trail of broken dreams and cribbed recipes behind her. One intrepid sleuth just uncovered what may be the first documented incident from Mrs. McCain’s life of shadowy food-crime — an error that may end up costing John McCain precious votes with a once reliable constituency…

We refer, of course, to the Quakers.

Way back in December of 2007, Cindy McCain entered “her” No-Bake Cookie recipe in Yankee Magazine‘s Cookie Primary. There was just one problem: she had stolen the formula whole cloth from Quaker Oats.

The great irony here is that John McCain believes the government must actively enforce Americans’ collective faith in the State by making a shameful spectacle out of those who would abuse the public trust. Thus, Wonkette looks forward to seeing Cindy McCain launched with great fanfare into Space, equipped with nothing but a sleeve of Saltines and a copy of the Federalist Papers to keep her company until she dies alone and ashamed.

Cindy McCain is a serial recipe thief! [Al’s Blog]

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