LIBERALS  10:16 am April 15, 2008

A Tax Day Celebration Of War Profiteers And The Citizens Who Hate Them

by Sara K. Smith

Lady Liberty is soaked in the blood of Iraqi children todayToday is Tax Day, which means a lot of liberals JUST LIKE YOU get to whine about how they are involuntarily funding the War when what they really hate is paying taxes, just like “ordinary Americans.” Join us in our tour of Daily Kos commenters yodelling like Libertarians about how much, and why, they hate taxes.

  • “I had to pay a monster of a bill. I wouldn’t mind so much if it wasn’t being used to torture children.”
  • “Havn’t paid taxes since Bush invaded Iraq…”

OK actually that was all we could find. Do you hate taxes, and the war? Join the 2008 War Tax Boycott so that the government can track you down in a few years and administer the most ass-reaming audit of your life.

Open Thread [Daily Kos]

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