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Oh hey it's the girl from that show Alias!
Every four years, America learns that young, attractive entertainers like Miss Jennifer Garner support the Democrats, while, uh, Bo Derek supports the Republicans. But this presidential campaign is so different! Why? Because there are now old, ugly entertainers supporting a Democrat. The photo evidence may shock you!

Never knowing, who to cling to ...
Here’s beloved celebrity Perez Hilton Elton John Sr. doing something weird to his girlfriend Hillary Clinton. Something more than sexual ….

Everybody doesn't know their names.
And who are these scary old people? Why it’s TV’s Cheers heartthrob Ted Danson and this old liberal lady, Mary Steenbergen. Obviously, they are solidly behind Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

Is that the star of 'Daredevil'?
Relatively young and handsome? Then it must be one of Hollywood’s many Obama fans! Here’s Good Will Hunting sensation Ben Affleck. He knows how to pick winners. For example, the pretty girl in the first picture is actress Jennifer Garner. He married her, even though he previously almost married Jennifer Lopez. (Shudder.)

What about elderly psycho John McCain? Where are his celebrity endorsements. Oh, here they are, at the very very bottom of his gloomy Endorsements web page:


All photos by Associated Press.

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