Meet Bruce Barclay’s Harrisburg Frat Boys

This is homosexual ex-county commissioner Bruce Barclay, who had sex with hundreds of male prostitutes and has footage of it all. Many of these prostitutes came from “”, and this is one of them and his name is Karl Rove. But there are more, thanks to Barclay’s website!

This is Barlcay having sex with a Commerce Podium. He is taping it through his magic eyeball, which is made entirely of lasers.

This is Barclay with a policeman who is portraying Dennis Hopper in a new movie about police. The man on the right is a Harrisburg frat boy named “Bob.”

This is Barclay with Lynn Swann, the famous ex-Steeler football player who pathetically ran for governor against Ed Rendell in Pennsylvania last year. Although Ken Layne and Sara K. Smith think that he is “Da Rock,” the famous acting wrestler:

Ken L.
Ok, at the bottom, is that Drew Carey and “da rock”?
Jim N.
No that is famous footballer Lynn Swann.
Sara S.
For serious? I guessed The Rock too. We are racists.
Ken L.
Sara and I are basically right.
Jim N.
Yes it is the Rock meeting Drew Carey.
Ken L.
The fuck “race” is Da Rock, anyways? Hawaiian?
Jim N.
Or Dilbert meeting Barack Obama.
Jim N.
Yes, Mexican.
Ken L.
Oh God that is a horrible thought.
Sara S.
I believe is Obamacan (i.e. biracial).
Jim N.
Yes he is a pelican too, Sara.

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The point is, this Barclay character is some kinda gay, mostly with Karl Rove.

[Bruce Barclay]


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