Chris Matthews Mulls Doomed Senate Bid?

Pennsylvania, meet your next senatorHey remember how a couple years ago Rumors circulated regarding Chris Matthews’ supposed Senate run? Well, they are circulating again, this time courtesy of Nixon-loving GOP strategist and Arlen Specter pal Roger Stone. He says that Matthews has been “quietly sounding out Democrats across Pennsylvania” about running against Specter in 2010. However, Matthews is destined to lose because he is always running off at the mouth, plus he is insane, and nobody wants a spit-speckled maniac for a senator unless they are from Alaska. But that won’t stop Chris Matthews!

Matthews has been meeting with former Philadelphia City Comptroller Tommy Lenard and has approached Governor Ed Rendell to inquire about recruiting campaign personnel.

Unfortunately, like Pat Buchanan before him, Chris Matthews has hours and hours of television tape going back 20 years and thousands of words in columns written in the same time period. His Senate bid will die of his own words.

The New York Times Magazine will publish story by Mark Leibovich this Sunday which will illustrate the point.

So everybody keep your eyes peeled for an EXPLOSIVE report this Sunday saying that Chris Matthews is not running for government office of any sort.

Matthews Weighs Senate Bid in PA [The Stone Zone]

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