JOHN KERRY  12:55 pm April 9, 2008

Wonkette Bothers John Kerry, For The Kids!

by Ken Layne

Wonkette’s own Liz Glover took her video camera and Polaroid to an April 1 party for “Our America,” a thing to help the low-income youth. As you can imagine, the powerful D.C. media wanted nothing to do with this (poor black kids are such downers), but John Kerry was there!

Liz Glover Reports:

Hi Ken, last week I went to the “Our America” town hall for low-income youth. It was sponsored by YouthBuild USA and (isn’t that some sort of paradox — thinking and MTV?). Anyway, here are the websites for YouthBuild and

I interviewed Sway, the MTV personality, and John Kerry (his handler said that he didn’t have time to talk to me but I asked him a couple questions as he was ushered out), and met Jesse Jackson.

Media were/was noticeably absent. Why wouldn’t they want to cover an event about low-income youth?

I’d interviewed Kerry before — last Fall, at the Meet the Press Anniversary Party. It’s one of the pieces of which I am most proud. I asked him why he threw in the towel so quickly in Ohio in ’04.

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