ADVERTISING  11:20 am April 9, 2008

Bobblehead Pope Ad Offends Humorless Catholics

by Sara K. Smith

SO OFFENSIVEThe DC Metro ran this ad on a bobbleheaded Pope riding the Metro to a big crazy Papal Mass at Nationals Stadium, and the Washington Archdiocese was like, Hey that is not funny, you are talking about the leader of our religion there, and he would never advise riding the DC Metro, furthermore he is not wearing the right Pope-hat.

Interestingly, the Archdiocese had no problem with a recent Peeps-based Metro ad even though Easter is supposed to be about the resurrection of Christ and not sugary snacks. The point is, you can buy one of these bobble-headed Popes for $12.95 and hold your own Mass, at home, and not have to shell out $9 for some dumb “Mass Pass.”

Metro Pulls Bobblehead Pope Web Ad [ABC 7 News]

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