Crazed John McCain Attacked Rick Renzi With Bare Hands!

Born grumpyEveryone knows that John McCain is a sociopath and a monster who calls his wife terrible things and survives on the fresh livers of babies. But did you know that he also once engaged in fisticuffs with an Arizona Congressman who has now been indicted for various boring corruption-related things? Well he did! And this was just two years ago, so McCain can’t say it was his youthful McNasty temper acting up.

According to this new book that journalists are reading more hungrily than a steak-house menu, McCain goaded Rick Renzi into a fistfight and then demanded that he apologize.

Perhaps the most remarkable story of McCain’s temper involved Arizona Congressman Rick Renzi. Two former reporters covering McCain, one who witnessed the following events and one who confirmed the facts provided by the first, relayed it to me as follows: In 2006, the Arizona Republican congressional delegation had a strategy meeting. McCain repeatedly addressed two new members, congressmen Trent Franks and Rick Renzi, as ‘boy.’ Finally, Renzi, a former college linebacker, rose from his chair and said to McCain, “You call me that one more time and I’ll kick your old ass.” McCain lunged at Renzi, punches were thrown, and the two had to be physically separated. After they went to their separate offices, McCain called Renzi and demanded an apology. Renzi refused. Apparently this posture made McCain admire him, as they became fast friends.

America can dance its way into John McCain’s heart by kicking him in the balls, the end.

New Book: McCain Once Physically Attacked Fellow Congressman [Huffington Post]

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