Sins Of Omission, Emission, And Admission

  • The Iraqi president says his troops maybe went into Basra with too much gusto, too little planning, and not enough understanding of what they were up against. Doesn’t sound like any president we know. [New York Times]
  • Is Angry John McCain just too angry to be president? [Political Machine]
  • A vast network of Chinese spies has been lurking in the U.S. for 20 years, stealing defense technology secrets. [Washington Post]
  • In the fall, London will institute a $50-per-day carbon emissions fee to drive a car in the city. Of course, this is only about 2 British pounds, so no big whoop. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Admissions rates at the nation’s elite colleges reach an all-time low. [Wall Street Journal]
  • John McCain doesn’t like to talk about Jesus, proving once again that he is nothing more than a Democrat (only patriotic). [Politico]
  • Democrats worry that Floridians won’t break their way in the general election if their delegation isn’t seated at the Democratic National Convention. [Wall Street Journal]

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