JOHN F. KENNEDY  11:58 am March 31, 2008

JFK Not Responsible For Barack Obama’s ‘Very Existence’ After All

by Sara K. Smith

That baby there is NOT Barack ObamaThe public been duped again by America’s Prince, Barack Obama. You know how he likes to talk about how John F. Kennedy is secretly his father, because Kennedy bankrolled Barack Obama Sr.’s trip to the United States and personally introduced the young Kenyan economist to lovely Ann Dunham? All lies!

Back in the late 1950s, a charismatic Kenyan politician named Tom Mboya came to the U.S. to raise money for African students to study in America. Barack Obama Sr. was one of the beneficiaries of this first round of support. Nearly a year later, Mboya came back again and got the Kennedy family to contribute to this continuing effort. Meanwhile, Kennedy’s presidential rival Richard Nixon persuaded the State Department to fund the program.

So Barack Obama was one year off, and if John F. Kennedy is his father then so is Richard Nixon, the end.

Obama Overstates Kennedys’ Role in Helping His Father [Washington Post]

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