WYOMING  1:57 pm March 27, 2008

Hey Governor, How Many Escalators Are There In Wyoming?

by Jim Newell

Have you ever wondered how many escalators there are, total, in Wyoming? Wonkette western operative “Scott” certainly does, and so he e-mailed the governor of Wyoming to ask him directly. Responding to this e-mail was ever-so-slightly beneath the governor of Wyoming’s job duties, so he delegated a policy analyst instead. What do the results show about the number of escalators in Wyoming?

Dear Scott:

The Governor has received your e-mail regarding the number of escalators in Wyoming. He has asked me to respond to your question.

While we are not aware of any research on this issue, it is widely assumed that there are no escalators in Wyoming.

I hope this is helpful. Thank you again for writing the Governor.

Best regards,

Rob Black
Policy Analyst
Governor’s Office

They also do not have “roofs” in Wyoming.

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