Obama Makes His Secret Service Guys Poop Across The Street

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Here they are, looking for a place to squatWhen most people hear “Barack Obama’s neighbor,” they probably think of slumlord Tony Rezko, whose wife sold the Obamas a patch of dirt once. But it turns out that the Obamas’ Chicago home sits across the street from a synagogue where the presidential candidate’s Secret Service detail occasionally uses the head! Hear what the kindly rabbi neighbor has to say about Our Barry after the jump.

  • “He spoke to our congregation as an Illinois state senator; more recently, his Secret Service agents have made use of our, shall we say, facilities.”
  • “Barack Obama is brilliant and open-hearted; he is wiser and more thoughtful than his former minister.”
  • “Obama is no anti-Semite. He is not anti-Israel. He is one of our own, the one figure on the political scene who remembers our past, and has a real vision for repairing our present.”

Seriously, Barry? Can you not let your own bodyguards into your house for a little thinky time on the john? Because that is just rude.

Web Exclusive: My Neighbor, Barack [Jewish Week News]

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