Obama’s Crazy Preacher Actually Bill Clinton’s Beloved Preacher

The Wright BrothasBarack Obama got in big trouble this week for going to this big church in Chicago because the retired reverend there once said some uncomplimentary things about the American Tradition of Slavery, but it turns out the Reverend Jeremiah Wright is no stranger to people who like to be president. In fact, Rev. Wright was at the White House taking Bill Clinton’s confession after our nation’s most tragic moment, when Hillary had to take the 3 a.m. call because Bill was getting sucked off by a fat gal in the Oval Office. Wait, what?

As Ben Smith writes over at the Politico, Chicago’s Trinity Church of Christ is a big deal and Jeremiah Wright is a well-known clergyman who has even been invited to the White House to hang with the president. That picture shows Wright and Bill Clinton laughing it up after Bill had a re-do of his repenting following revelations of Clinton’s Monica Lewinsky sex nightmare. (That’s Al Gore in the background, inventing Global Warming.)

Guess who else was at this fancy White House party on September 11, 1998? No, not Osama bin Laden! It was Hillary Clinton!

Obama’s campaign must’ve posted this picture, because the “anonymous blog” has since vanished. But now it’s in the liberal New York Times! So, uh, Mission Accomplished.

Jeremiah Wright was White House guest [Ben Smith/Politico]
Photograph of Bill Clinton and Rev. Wright Surfaces [New York Times]

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