Anti-War Polar Bears Run Amok In D.C.

Darth Vulture -- photo by Russ' co-workerWonkette Operative “Trey” reports live from the action: “Protesters had closed off the intersection at 14th & K, putting police style yellow tape between the stop lights, dancing around with polar bear outfits and shitty music, assaulting random businessmen and drawing chalk graffiti all across the intersection.”

More eyewitness craziness after the jump!

“They even had a very small marching band show up to play music while the buses stuck on K St. sat there helpless. About fifteen minutes after arriving, the cops showed up, pushed them out and corralled them into Franklin Square. There were signs for SDS, Code Pink and Funk the War all around. No violence to really report though. The cops pushed them out with little resistance.”

And, minutes later, another report from “Trey,” from the scene:

“The protesters just took over the intersection of Vermont/15th and K St. at McPherson Square now, too! The cops were ready and pushed them back into the square quickly.”

Losers! If you people really want to stop the war in Iraq, you will have to punch some traffic policemen here in Washington. IT’S ALL CONNECTED, MANNNN.

(Photo by “Russ’ co-worker.”)

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