BARACK OBAMA  12:22 pm March 17, 2008

Tracy Morgan Endorses Obama On Saturday Night Live

by Sara K. Smith

Over the years, Saturday Night Live has witnessed a dramatic evolution in its black acting talent: from a hilarious actor who happens to be a crack addict (Garrett Morris) to a hilarious actor who imitates crack addicts (Eddie Murphy) to an unfunny actor who happens to be drunk most of the time (Tracy Morgan). Here’s former SNL cast member Tracy Morgan endorsing Barack Obama and mumbling something about government cheese. We are looking forward to Inauguration Day 2009, when President John McCain personally bombs Saturday Night Live from his Space Rascal.

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fivewood0 March 6, 2009 at 12:39 pm

As we look back now we see that things didn’t exactly work out as we hoped with Mccain. You’re right about Morgan. He’s not funny at all.

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