SCANDALS  4:51 pm March 14, 2008

Larry Flynt Offers Ashley Alexandra Dupre $1 Million For Nude Shoot

by Jim Newell

According to a press release, Hustler publisher Larry Flynt has made the first big move in the Penthouse-Hustler bidding war for Ashley Alexandra Dupre’s nudie shots — $1 million dollars. “We think this is an item that is going to stay in the news for some time,” Flynt said. “We think it’s not bad for a 22-year-old to make $1 million for a few hours work. It beats what she was making at the escort service.” Ashley should take this. Take it! Takey takey takey take! Think of all the rent checks this could pay! But remember to save some for taxes, because you will have to pay those now.

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