Nation Mourns: David Paterson Isn’t First Blind Governor After All

Whatever, fraud.What Canadians call “L’affaire Spitzer” had one very happy patriotic outcome, in that America finally put its racism and misogyny behind it just long enough to say, “Yes We Can have a blind governor, in New York, as long as he isn’t democratically elected or anything.” And just like that, we had a blind governor, David Paterson. But what if the whole thing was a terrible fraud?

The Associated Press just put this “CORRECTIVE” on the news wire, and our hearts are full of sorrow, and our dreams have died:

p0632 BC-Spitzer-Prostitution CORRECTIVE 03-14 0117
Correction: Spitzer Prostitution stories

Eds: Members who used BC-Spitzer-Prostitution, sent March 12-13, under New York or Albany datelines, are asked to use the following story. Moving on general news and financial services.

NEW YORK (AP) — In March 12 and March 13 stories about New York Lt. Gov. David Paterson becoming the next governor following Eliot Spitzer’s resignation, The Associated Press reported erroneously that Paterson would be the nation’s first blind governor. Bob Riley, who was legally blind, was governor of Arkansas for 11 days in 1975.

Take that, Paterson, you goddamned crook! Bob Riley did your act for eleven days back in 1975! It just figures that whoever replaced Eliot Spitzer would also be a no-good liar.

p0632 BC-Spitzer-Prostitution CORRECTIVE 03-14 0117 [Associated Press]

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  • gurukalehuru

    If Riley isn’t black, it doesn’t count.