‘Obama Can’t Win The General Election’

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Math and numbers are no substitute for HOPE, Penn.Hillary Clinton’s universally reviled strategist Mark Penn made one of those truth-gaffes today when he basically told reporters that Barack Obama can’t win the general election. Then he tried to finesse it, but he failed, and Harold Ickes blamed him for everything and Patti Solis Doyle was fired, emphatically again, for good measure.

Today in one of those conference calls these campaign people are always having, Penn was talking about Pennsylvania and how Hillary was going to win it. In contrast, the jackass who loses Pennsylvania (OBAMA) would likewise be doomed in the general election. Now that we think about it, this is probably true. The real question, as ever, is this: when will Hillary Clinton fire this charlatan Penn for all of the awful things he says about Barack Obama?

Clinton strategist says Obama ‘can’t win the general election’ (includes marvelous incriminating sound clips!) [USA Today]

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