PROSTITUTION  2:23 pm March 13, 2008

Whaa?? Prostitution Is Mostly Legal In Rhode Island

by Jim Newell

Hey Rhode Islanders, did you all know that prostitution is kinda legal in your heathen separatist state? Well thanks to Eliot Spitzer, that may not be the case anymore! According to the Providence Journal, “Rhode Island lawmakers are considering a bill that would close the loophole in this state’s laws that makes prostitution legal if it occurs indoors.” Yes, that is slightly more than a loophole. Either way, thanks for ruining more lives, Spitzer.

Maybe this is why Providence is so grimy:

“A lot of people don’t realize that prostitution is legal in Rhode Island if you do it indoors,” State Police Inspector Stephen Bannon testified. In an accompanying letter, State Police Supt. Col. Brendan P. Doherty noted that under current law, “persons are free to solicit sex for money in newspapers and/or over the Internet as long as the conduct that is agreed upon takes place in private.”

So as long as you weren’t shtupping her on a bench outside RISD, things were cool. But now Eliot Spitzer is filling yet another hole where he doesn’t belong.

Bill to close prostitution loophole [Providence Journal]

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happyendingsdoc November 12, 2008 at 12:06 pm

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