This next one is called 'The War Criminal Hula'The pagan nation of Iowa pooped emphatically on the glorious political legacy of Karl Rove when University of Iowa students booed the great leader at a speech this weekend. Rove was paid $40,000 in exchange for tolerating a rain of invective that did not end until he glopped his pasty carcass off the stage.

And because University of Iowa students are adorably serious and all “IMPEACH BUSHITLER,” two of these youngsters tried to perform a citizen’s arrest on him. Others asked him if he had ever shed a tear over Iraq, demanded their $40,000 back, and told him about this MSNBC sportscaster crank named Keith Olbermann who has directed an occasional self-righteous soliloquoy in his direction.

In response to all these remarks, Rove burbled happily while rubbing his nipples with crude oil.

Rove taunted at University of Iowa

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