Obama Secretly Wins California Primary!

He is the most popular fellow in California!While he may not have won more delegates than Senator Hillary Clinton, Democratic presidential candidate Barack Obama has still won the state of California through sheer force of charm and “momentum.” It turns out that he keeps winning more delegates, even though the polls have been closed for years, but most news organizations can’t bother to update their numbers because they can’t do math.

While most counts have Hillary Clinton at 207 delegates, she’s more likely at about 203. We would give you the details but we find math boring, unless it concerns the price of a hooker. Here’s a quote to explain things!

David Dayen, who blogs at the site Calitics and serves on its editorial board, wrote last week that Sen. Clinton won 203 of the state’s 370 pledged delegates — and not the commonly reported total of 207. He relied on updated vote totals from the state, based on late counts of absentee and provisional ballots. Later, when he noticed that several major news organizations still were showing Sen. Clinton with 207 delegates, he wrote a follow-up post explaining his calculation and exhorting, “I know math is hard and everything, but get out your calculators, people.”

Thanks for doing the calculations, nerd! Within another month or two we expect Senator Obama to have a clear majority of delegates in California.

Obama’s California Comeback [The Numbers Guy]

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