TOP  4:32 pm March 10, 2008

A Pictorial Tour of The Emperor’s Club Ladies

by Jim Newell

Our secret Internet operative “Jake” has sent us screen shots from the Emperor’s Club VIP’s website. The Emperor’s Club, of course, is the “prostitution ring” that New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer allegedly penetrated with his sex bits. Let’s see if it was worth $5,500 dollars an hour (and his governorship/career/family etc etc).

This lady is Candace, a “smoldering Caribbean beauty.” We have nothing more to add to that:


This lady is Julia, a “beautiful European American university student” who European American university colleagues find “agreeable”:

This lady is Skyler. Apparently, we’ll “appreciate her energetic enthusiasm for life and passionate harmony,” which means something.

Here are more prostitute ladies:

Ha ha, Alana and Camila only get three Whore Diamonds.




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