Oklahoma Rep. Sally Kern Hates The Gays With Vigorous, Sultry Passion

The question is, does she drive a Subaru?The past several years have taught us all a valuable lesson: the nuttiness of a Republican legislator’s homophobic rantings is directly proportional to the secret gay shame of that legislator, and inversely correlated to the amount of time before that person gets busted doing the thing they professed to find so repugnant. By this math, Oklahoma State Representative Sally Kern will be discovered by week’s end trolling for muff in the ladies’ room of the World Golf Hall of Fame.

In a private address to supporters, Kern talks about The Gays are indoctrinating our children at age two, and are “the biggest threat our nation has, even more so than terrorism or Islam.” Oh and also gayness is a cancer that spreads just like life-threatening toe cancer.

Oklahoma: mind-blowing anti-gay tirade by state representative [Pam’s House Blend via Crooks and Liars]
I’m listening [YouTube]

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  • Bruno

    I that an M for McDonalds on her blazer? Maybe she went to Hamburger University. Or at least got an honorary degree.