Ron Paul’s Glamorous New Home In North Dakota

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Charlie Bucket used to live hereA reader sends us this creepy photo of a tottering shack perched on the edge of a snow mound in a remote corner of the planet Hoth. Or is it maybe North Dakota? Wherever this tragic construction lies, one Wonkette insider assures us it is “Ron Paul’s House.” Has our favorite Texas congressman actually retired to some hermit’s lair in the frigid north?

Secret Wonkette Operative Ryan writes:

Date: Mar 9, 2008 11:35 PM
Subject: Ron Paul’s House in North Dakota

This is a fairly poor-quality picture of an abandoned farmhouse along I-94 between Jamestown and Fargo, N.D. Someone put a collection of Ron Paul signs all over it, which isn’t very visible in the picture.

I can’t help but imagine it being full of Paul’s troll army spamming the interwebs. But at least it’s not another meth lab, right?

Oh, Ryan. Can’t it be both?

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