When The Other Puppy Drops

  • How will the world take Obama seriously if he has to wear water wings when he goes swimming, and drinks his juice from a sippy cup? [The Swamp]
  • Killing puppies is good for America. [Balloon Juice]
  • It’s time for Big Willy to make a comeback, but only so long as he doesn’t say crazy things. [Ben Smith]
  • If everyone who needs it gets medicated, then who will be left to write all the hilarious blogs? [AMERICAblog]
  • Let’s get a good, firm hold on the obvious. [Headline Junky]
  • Harry Reid thinks a fillibuster is like a stabbing. So maybe that’s why the Democrats wouldn’t show any spine in the minority. But what’s their excuse in the majority? [Hot Air]
  • McCain and Bush have been really, really different on tax policy. Only, not. [Media Matters]
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