Not-Change You Can Believe In

  • Did Rush Limbaugh swing Texas for Clinton? Does the pope piss in the woods? [Ben Smith, Reason]
  • Bush’s endorsement “does matter,” just like punk’s not dead. [Naked Politics]
  • Gee, thanks for your helpful words, Mr. President. [Think Progress]
  • Hillary wants a dual ticket, because that way she can be on it. [Daily Intelligencer]
  • Abuses of the PATRIOT Act? In America? [Balloon Juice]
  • McSame as Bush is the McSame as every other political ad. [Horserace]
  • Keith Olbermann calls out Chris Matthews live on teevee! [Media Matters]
  • The Ron Paul Revolution can’t be stopped by things like election results. [Political Radar]
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