DAILY BRIEFING  8:37 am March 5, 2008

The Pain Will Continue

by Greg Wasserstorm

  • The story of Hillary Clinton’s comeback takes a backseat to the real news of the night: John McCain finally edged out Mike Huckabee for the GOP nomination. [New York Times, Washington Post]
  • But Mike still feels like a winner. [New York Times]
  • Reporters have many skillful ways of saying the same thing: the horrors of last night pale in comparison to the horrible weeks ahead for Democrats. [Washington Post, Washington Post, Wall Street Journal]
  • Two of our favorite failed presidential candidates get to keep their day jobs. [The Hill]
  • Clinton’s new “all negative, all the time” strategy demonstrates her profound commitment to political change. [Politico, Los Angeles times]
  • Because their last immigration proposal was too extreme to pass, the GOP wants to try a more moderate, forgiving approach this time. Ha ha, just kidding. [Los Angeles Times]
  • Yesterday’s election results have had a far-reaching impact. [Washington Times]
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