Mike and Janet Huckabee’s Sick Roping Fetish

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Reverse cowgirl
Republican Mike Huckabee might try to pass himself off as the conservative Christian alternative to John McCain, but he and his wife showed their true, kinky colors in front of a horrified audience at the Fort Worth Stockyards on Friday.

Huckabee was visiting Fort Worth in order to court the all-important cattle fetishist vote, but even cow-humpers couldn’t stomach the sick antics of the former minister and his strapping wife. Moans of disgust rose up from the crowd as Huckabee “accidentally” roped his wife around the neck. It was rumored that he was attempting to lasso a fake steer, but got Janet instead. The jokes pretty much write themselves these days.

Huckabee shoots for ‘critical’ win [Fort Worth Star-Telegram]

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  • Lionel Hutz Esq.

    Actually, on the great list of Republican Fetishes, a little light bondage is pretty boring.