George W. Bush’s Escape To Waco

'This all gonna be yours someday, Barney.'
Here’s your beloved president, just after he landed in Waco, Texas. That’s where he goes for his vacations. Loves it there. Loves his dog, too. Good dog. Name’s Barney. “See over there, Barney? That’s where Clinton killed them Branch Koreans. Good people.”

It wouldn’t be Friday at 8:30 p.m. without a White House resignation and a Wonkette AP Photo Tour of whatever dumb irrelevant nonsense George W. Bush is up to, during this long and pointless final year in office.

'Just wish I could drive that pickup.'
It was a tough week for Bush Junior, because they made him do one of his press conference things. This time those trickster reporters tricked him into not having any idea that a gallon of gas costs triple what it cost when he took office just seven years ago. Mean libtard reporters!

Bringing dignity back to the White House.
So it was time to grab his stupid hairball little dog and fly to Texas, so he could meet somebody who runs some country he’s never heard of — this weekend it’s the prime minister of, uh, Norway? No, Denmark! Home of the Danish! Good people.


So George and Laura rushed from the helicopter to their “Prairie Schooner” house, quickly changed into their Texan clothes, and then George finally got to drive his pickup truck right back to the helicopter, where there was nearly a terrible accident that killed them both.

How cute.

But everybody was okay, and the nice Danish prime minister and his wife — “Anders Fogh Rasmussen, third from left, and his wife Anne-Mette Rasmussen” — were waiting, and then they all drove back so they could all put on Texan outfits. And people make fun of Barack Obama for dressing like a dumb native ….

(Photos by AP.)

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