Happy Leap Day!

  • With the Tennessee “Hussein” thing, Barry Obama gets a taste of the GOP’s class act. [New York Times]
  • Bush criticizes Democratic presidential candidates, but he doesn’t use their names possibly because he doesn’t know them. [New York Times]
  • Bill Clinton hasn’t freaked out on the campaign trail for like a record number of days now. [Washington Post]
  • Democrats, being the crusading reformers that they are, are taking money out of presidential politics. [Washington Post]
  • The best thing about the invention of the internets is that we can keep these stupid political ads around forever. [Politico]
  • Iraqis decide that “Chemical Ali” will be hanged, but do not set a timetable because that will embolden the enemy. (It will be within 30 days.) [Los Angeles Times]
  • Apparently, America is fine with having a president who is 10,000 years old. [Washington Times]
  • Just because the Pentagon asked so nicely, Turkey takes some troops out of Iraq. But just some. [Financial Times]
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