Could Scary Dr. Ron Paul Keep His House Seat?

The baby died.Even though we gave newcomer Chris Peden one of our coveted Wonkette endorsements yesterday, the patriotic American CPA may still lose the Republican primary on March 4 to that blame-America-first baby maker, Dr. Congressman Ron Paul. Tragic new polls show the veteran representative is up by 32 points over Peden. What saved the Doctor’s Love Revolution, at least in Texas Congressional District 12?

Public Policy Polling’s Dean Debman said that the suspension of Paul’s loser presidential campaign was the only thing that saved his Texas seat.

“If he had continued to spend most of his time campaigning out of state he might have been in trouble, but it doesn’t appear he’s facing too much damage on the home front for his national candidacy.”

Texas-14 Update: Paul Headed for a Landslide Over Peden [Reason]

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  • Ancient Mariner

    Man, you guys are pips. Your attempting to demonize Dr. Ron Paul, who apparently has more brains in his little toe than your whole bunch have in their heads, is much more laughable than your attempts at humor. Get a grip. Dr. Paul’s campaign on the internet was highly successful and garnered more money that either of the “mainstream candidates”. Those small donations indicated a great deal of support. If you guys want to do something constructive, (is that on your agenda?) you’d ask why Dr. Paul was excluded from some of the national debate. Was it because the status quo, of which you are apparently a part no matter the silliness you show on this ridiculous site, were scared to death the man might actually wise up the public?