Nevada Governor Jim Gibbons Served With Divorce Papers?

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America's shittiest governor.During our most sordid American midterm campaign, Congressman Jim Gibbons brought important attention to his bid for the governorship of Nevada by getting caught in some sleazy Vegas scene where he allegedly tried to drag a cocktail waitress back to his hotel room and then pretty much threatened to dump her corpse in the desert if she complained. Oh, Jim Gibbons, we have missed your stupid antics. Your nice wife Dawn Gibbons? Not so much. We hear she had divorce papers delivered to you Wednesday.

The reasons for Mrs. Gibbons’ claim are sordid. We hear Governor Jim didn’t kiss this particular other woman, at least not on the lips. The mouth lips.

UPDATE: An alternate version we just heard says Jimbo divorced Dawn. WTF?

Help out your Wonkette with any additional details you hear in Carson City or Reno or Las Vegas or, especially, Sparks.

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