Hijab Hillary: Mrs. Clinton Wears Muslim Thing!

H for HijabWill the shameful photographs of Democrats wearing “race clothing” ever end? Probably not! Here’s a picture of Hillary wearing the traditional Muslim wife’s “hijab,” which is just one letter away from “jihad.” What terrible opponent is leaking this smear photo on the Internets? The William Jefferson Clinton Presidential Library, that’s who! Join us for more shameful pictures of the Clintons in various costumes, after the jump.

It's curtains for you!
Obama doesn’t look so funny in that tribal outfit now, does he Mr. Clinton, who is pictured here disguised as some African curtains.
Jesus is my dishwasher.
The outrage! Here is Mr. Ex-President Bill Clinton dressed as a Mexican dishwasher.

He's naked under that robe.
Here’s Bill Clinton in his special Moonie Royal Costume, the day he proclaimed himself the “black messiah.”

Hop on Pop
And here’s Bill Clinton dressed as that infamous homewrecker, The Cat In The Hat.

Base-boll been bery bery good to me.
Few people alive today remember the international scandal when Bill Clinton appeared in public dressed as a sinister Cuban or Venezuelan.

Key Party!
But nothing can compete with the night the Clintons and the Gores engaged in wife-swapping, when Hillary dressed (and undressed) as Tipper.

Dueling Democrat photos! Now they both go native!! [LAT Top of the Ticket]

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