• Between its gerrymandered districts, byzantine voting rules, massive size, and tremendous diversity of wierdos, maybe Texas should secede and quit confusing the rest of us. [New York Times]
  • In the end, the surge amounts to a net gain of a whopping 8,000 troops. [New York Times]
  • John McCain may wish to be president of the Untited States, but he’s already King of the Land of Obvious Observations. [New York Times]
  • Barack Obama is complex you see. Have you heard that he gives speeches, and that they are good? But is it possible he is just a hollow husk of a man inside? Experts disagree. [Washington Post]
  • Dana Milbank sticks a fork in Hillary. [Washington Post]
  • The GOP is blocking a bid to rid baseball of human growth hormone and we are so grateful that they are doing “the people’s work” of arguing about sports. [The Hill]
  • With the government spending 60% of its money on guns and 20% on medicine, not a whole lot is left over to buy beer and pay the rent. [Wall Street Journal]
  • Oh, hey. Rick Renzi says he’s innocent. [Roll Call]
  • Alas, conservatives! If only putting something into print made it true, then Ralph Nader really could deliver the Republicans the presidency in 2008. [Washington Times]
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